May 8, 2011

One More Easy Week

This was a relatively easy week, and I will have one more before I get into hard summer training. In fact, the coming week will be even easier than last, as the HS track team will be tapering for their Finals on Saturday.

To answer Scott's query, upcoming I have a multi-club 5000m time trial on May 26th and a 5k ekiden on May 29th, which I will run hard, but are not serious races. Then nothing but hard training (I will post a schedule next week) until mid-September. Will probably do a half at the end of September, maybe one at the end of October, and then either another half or a marathon in November or December, depending on a possible trip to Bangkok or Hawaii to see my daughter, who is moving to Bangkok. (There is a Bangkok marathon and Half in November).

Week of May 2 ~ 8
44.6K / 27.7 mi. 4:05

3:30 - 8.7k (approx) 52:17
Easy run with track girls, 6 x 100m strides afterwards.
Temp: 24C/75F
Weight; 61.2kg

11:30 - Weights and core at gym.
3:30 - 7.5k. 400 x 9 (3 sets of 3) at 300m track.
90/87/83/83/83/79/83/79/80 (70-90" walk/jog, 4' bet. sets)
With 4 girls, legs felt ok.
Also ran 600m behind the Takushoku university ekiden B team (16 guys), who were doing 12,000m (40 laps!) starting at 3:50/k, down to abt. 3:30/k. They were just cruising easily.
Temp: 17C/63F, light rain

7:30 - 7.6k. Back on the track, instead of the park!
1600, 1200, 1200, 800, 400
7:11, 5:33, 5:22, 3:21, 98
Legs tired, so VERY easy.
Ran the last 800 and 400 barefoot. The track has been resurfaced and is rough, so I tore some skin off one toe.
Weight: 60.9kg

3:30 - 5.2k. 300 x 3 x 3 at 300m track.
Left calf sore due to running barefoot last night (after 9 400s previous day). It was a bit sore when walking, but felt fine when running, so I ran.
Calf felt more sore afterwards, so I'll rest the next two days.

11:30 - weights and core at gym

TELL (Tokyo English Life Line) charity 5k/10k race, of which I am the race day director. A busy, tiring morning, but everything went well and a good time was had by all (about 700 people).

3:00 - 15k in 1:20:32 @5:22
Calf still tight when walking, but ok when running. Just a nice leisurely pace on a lovely day.
Temp: 25C/77F, 40%, sunny
Weight: 60.6kg


  1. have a look also at khon kaen (jan) and phuket (july) marathons. both are well established.

  2. Hi Bob,
    Do you think you gain much by running barefoot?

  3. I had a similar experience running barefoot at the track Bob - felt great until the blood came. I assume the skin on the feet/toes would toughen up over time.

    You nearly made me miss doing 400's - I am so far from that end of the running spectrum at the moment.

    Well done on the Race Direction during your "Easy" Week.

  4. Take it easy on the easy weeks. I look forward to reading about the hard training.

  5. You're not thinking about a marathon in Thailand are you?

    I missed out on getting in at Osaka in Oct! And if I can't get into Kobe in Nov (How about that?)Aoshima in Miyazaki in Dec seem s the best option. You should also consider these. A humid marathon won't be much fun.

  6. sounds like you're sort of enjoying the barefoot thing. excellent. and...bangkok? i thought your daughter was moving to sf?

  7. I would run the Half in Bangkok. The masters times are slow...although I would probably be slow also. Anyway, it looks like a trip to Hawaii is in the offing in Dec., so I will either run there or in Japan.
    Yes, SF is out, Bangkok is in. Her husband Stanley will be doing Muay Thai training.