April 24, 2011

An Enjoyable Week

Week of April 18 ~ 24

63.4k/39 mi. 5:31

The people of the Tohoku region in Japan where the earthquake/tsunami hit are still suffering a lot of hardships, and there are many charity events and activities aimed at helping them. You may have already donated some money, but if not and you would like to, or if you would like to donate a bit more, I am participating in a fund-raising activity that one of the women in my club organized. Each person logs their mileage from March 20 to April 30, and then contributes a certain amount per kilometer. The person can also have supporters who contribute. Any amount per kilometer is ok, in fact, a small amount such as 10 yen/cents is fine. So if any of my readers would like to support me, let me know by email to tokyoracer@me.com and I will tell you the final total and send you a PayPal request for money.
As you know, I have not been doing big mileage recently, so I suspect the total will be just under 350km.
The money will go to the Japan Red Cross relief efforts.
Thank you.

3:00 - 9.5k in 51:42.
Easy/average pace with ASIJ track team, including two hilly 1k loops.
100m x 4 barefoot on artificial turf.
Legs a bit tired but not bad, considering did 20k @4:14 yesterday.
Weight: 61.7kg

11:00 - machines and abs at gym.
3:30 - at Fuchu 300m track. 600, 400, 300, 200 x 2 with track team girls.
2:10/85/58/40 2:02/81/60/36. 2' after 6 & 4, 1.5' after 3, 5' bet. sets.
Good workout., legs felt fine.
Temp: 11C/52F, windy

7:30 - 9.5 in Yoyogi Park. 2000, 1000, 2000, 1000.
Legs felt ok.
This workout was written up here
with a nice photo of yours truly.

3:30 - 6.8 at Fuchu track.
400 x 4, 300 x 4, 200 x 2 with track team girls.
82/86/85/85, 64/61/62/60, 36/37
Temp: 16C/61F
Weight: 61.1kg

11:00 - machines and abs at gym.
12"30 - 10k in 50:00 (25:49/24:11). Felt ok.
Temp: 19C/66F

American School track meet. Terrible weather - very windy, with rain on and off, mostly on.

1:30 - 20k in 1:40:16 @5:00
Legs feeling stiff last 5k.
Weight: 61.5kg
Temp: 20C/68F, sunny, a beautiful day!