April 18, 2011

Some Speed and a Good 20K

Week of April 11 ~ 17

This week's schedule planned around running with the ASIJ track team and a 20K "race" on Sunday.

10:30am - 6k easy in 34:09 @5:42
Not much time, but didn't feel like doing more.

11:00 - machines and abs at the gym.
3:00 - on the 300m track.
6.5k inc. 400 x 8 with the girls.
80/82/78/84/84/80/78/82 (150m walk in between).

3:00 - 9k with kids at easy/average pace.
7:30 - 10k in the park. 3000/2000/1000. Very easy pace.

3:30 - 7.2k at 300m track with the girls.
400 x 4 83/82/85/84
300 x 4 59/62/62/62. Felt ok.

11:00 - machines and abs at the gym.

Saturday - second day of rest to prepare for a 20k run tomorrow.
Also ASIJ track meet. Our top boy ran a 4:21 1500. Not bad.

9:00 - Marathon time trial (the Not the Nagano Marathon) organized by another club for people who had entered the (cancelled) Nagano Marathon. All major races in eastern Japan in March and April were cancelled. They offered 10, 20, 30, 40K and full marathon. There were 75 runners, including 11 from Namban Rengo.
The course was a wide, flat bicycle path next to a river. Hardly anyone on it, which was good. It was a 5k course, marked every k. You went out and back, etc. Temp at the start was 14C/57F, which rose to 17C/63F or more, but the course was in shadow for the first hour. One of our guys wanted to run a sub-3 marathon, so I decided to pace him for 20k. Hit 1:24:50 (4:14/k), so just under 3:00 pace. I felt good - legs got tired the last 2k, but it was a nice run. Quite happy to feel that good just 4 weeks after the marathon. It was a nice event and an enjoyable day. And the guy I paced finished in 2:58:54!