April 10, 2011

Back At It

Took one week off after the marathon and have been running the last two weeks, mostly easy, but some up-tempo stuff with the American School track team. I run with the 1500/3000m girl runners - the boys are too fast over short distances.

Week of 3/28 ~ 4/3

10k in 56:35 (27:40/28:54)
Quads sore after 6k, calves slightly sore. Should have run 6k.
Temp: 11C52F
Weight: 62.3kg (gained about 2kg after the marathon)

11:00 - Wt. machines and core
2:00 - 5k in 29:37. Quads and thighs sore.

7:30 pm. 10.5k with 5k time trial. Easy in 24:50. Quads felt ok.

3:00 - 7.5 easy with kids, part of it on a hilly loop.
Weight: 61.7kg

3:00 - 7.5 easy with kids in 39:34
100m x 8 barefoot on artificial grass.
Abs and other exercises with the team.


10:30 - 16.6k to/from and around the Palace.
29:04/26:25/26:39 (5k + 26m)
Easy with other people.
Temp: 10C/50F

Week of 4/4 ~ 10

3:00 - 8.4k. 4k warmup, 300 x 10 @62sec., last 2 @58
With girls, good workout.
Temp: 13C/55F, windy
Weight: 62kg

3:00 - at 300m track. Easy 1200, 1500 in 6:16, jog 600, 1500 in 16:36, jog 600. 1500s: run straights, jog turns.
Temp: 15C/59F

3:00 - 8.4k with kids at about 5:30/k. Legs stiff.
7:30 - 9.4k in park. 1000m x 6.
Took it easy but felt much better than in the afternoon.
Temp at 3:00 - 19C/66F

3:00 - 8.5k. 2.1 WU,400 x 2 strides, 400 x 8.
83/85/85/83/87/86/87/85. With two girls. Legs a bit tired.
Temp: 20C/68F, windy (it's windy every day).
Weight: 61.9kg

10:00 - 8k easy in 44:59.


10:30 - 15k in 1:14:38 @4:59
26:49/25:28/22:20 @5:22/06/4:27
Temp: 17C/63F
Legs felt ok, but stomach feels heavy due to extra weight. Esp. during last 3k at about 4:20/k.
The sakura (cherry blossoms) are 100% full! And no wind today. The wife and I went to Koganei Park with wine, cheese and crackers - along with 1000s of other people (most people were under the trees, and there are LOTS more trees).


  1. Beautiful photos! I remember reading somewhere that weight gain after a marathon is normal as our body repairs itself.

  2. Wow - crowded! Looks like Bondi Beach on a January school holiday afternoon.

    I used to run with the girls (the quick 300s were fun), but now even the pre-school girls are too fast. But, I could do "1500 in 16:36."

  3. Yes, you should put on a bit of weight after the mara, that is good for you. Wine and cheese would be my prefered way to gain weight too ;)

    Yes, and excellent photos! I Thought Ishihara told you guys not to do Hanami this year! Doesn't look like many listened!!!