January 10, 2011

Mileage Goes Up, So Does Pain

Week of Jan 3 ~ 9

Plan: 126km 24/10/20/22/20/30
Ran: 126Km 24/10/20/22/20/30 78mi. 11:31

10 weeks to the LA Marathon and my mileage is now where I want it. Had some thigh pain at the end of the week, though, which was understandable.


11:00 - Machines and core at the gym
3:00 - 24k comfortably in 2:07:11 @5:18/k
27:19/26:39/26:12/26:22/20:37 @5:27/20/15/16/09
Quads sore last 4k but picked up the pace a bit.
Weight: 62.1kg
Weather: 9C/48F, 20%, sunny

7:30pm - 10k. 1000m x 6 in Yoyogi Park (track closed for 4 months)
3:58/51/54/57/52/48 (200m jog. Total run/jog time 6:30).
Running hard! This is as fast as I can go....
Weight: 61.7kg
Weather: Abt. 5C/41F

3:00 - 20k easy in 1:56:05 @5:48
Easy because quads a bit sore and did not want to stress calf, etc. after last night.
Weight: 62kg
Weather: 9C/48F, 15%, cloudy, windy

11:00 - Machines and core at the gym
1:00 - 22k in 1:57
8.5 out easy @5:44
500m hill up/down x 5. Up hard 4, Down hard 2
8.5 in @5:01
Hard workout. Wind against me going out and up the hills. Quads heavy last 5k.
Weather: 6C/43F, 5%, sunny, strong wind

2:30 - 20k comfortably in 1:50:45 @5:32
28:09/27:37/27:24/27:35 @5:38/31/28/31
Quads sore coming back.
Weight: 61.8kg
Weather: 9C/43F, 30%, sunny

10:15 - Out my usual bicycle path with 8 other people. Afterwards we went to the onsen (hot spring place) near my house for hot bath and food/beer.
30k in 2:40:20 @5:21
30:00/29:15/28:00/24:12/23:45/26:08 @6:00/5:51/36/4:50/45/5:01
Planned to go out easy with slower people, then pick up the last 15k. Left thigh started to hurt quite a bit at 10k. Rested a bit at the turnaround, then started out faster and it felt better, although still sore. Had to work hard to run sub 5:00 pace for 12k, fortunately with two other people, but then it hurt more the last 3k, so slowed to about 5:15.
I don't think the pain was serious, just the effects of a 126k week and the hard workout on Friday. Rest tomorrow and we shall see....
Weather: 4C/39F rising to 10C/50F, sunny


  1. I hope the thigh is OK Bob. Good week. That's the first time I can recall that you've run exactly to plan. When you say the 1000s were as fast as you could go, are you kicking down at the end of them, or just running through? Would you say they're 10k race pace?

  2. I think 126 is a pretty fair distance at this stage.
    I read somewhere that your max race distance is a third of your weekly distance for the previous six weeks.
    126 divided by 3 =

  3. Ewen: I was just running through because I couldn't kick. Yes, I guess that will be 10k race pace when I get into better shape.

    Jon: How about that?

  4. Those Osens/Sentoos work wonders for me and I reckon I might grind to a complete stop if it weren't for my bi-weekly visits!

  5. Bob I love the detail you put in about your training and am in awe of your mileage, Great Work

  6. Bob, I know that feeling. I'd need a brown snake on the track to scare a kick into me.