January 2, 2011

Working Back Into Shape

Week of Dec. 27 ~ Jan 2

Plan: 118km
Ran: 112.3km / 70 mi. 10:05

Happy New Year - Hope you all have an injury-free year of running!

This is the first week of my new training program, which will basically be:
Mon - off
Tues - 24k. Comfortable pace, picking up last 4k
Wed - 9k. Hard intervals (6,000m)
Thur - 20k. Comfortable pace
Fri - 22k. 8.5 easy, 5k of 500m hills (4 hard up, 2 hard down), 8.5 good pace
Sat - 20k. Comfortable pace
Sun - 30k. 15k comfortable, 15k hard. (Can vary somewhat)
After a few weeks, will have to include some marathon pace runs.
Total: 125km / 78 mi.


11:00 - machines and core at gym.
1:00 - 24k in 2:10:35 @5:26
Felt ok. Wanted to pick up last 4k a bit more, but quads tired and sore.
Shoes: 240g K-Swiss (turns out they are Blade Light), no insoles
Weather: 8C/46F, sunny

7:30pm - 5,000m time trial in Yoyogi Park (the track is closed for 3 months). We have a nice 1,000m loop.
21:21. Was able to run this pace with no problem, but actually did not feel like I could go any faster. Definitely not in shape! Had company (Rie, a good woman runner), which helped a lot. Would have been slower on my own. Legs felt ok.
Shoes: 225g Saucony, no insoles
Weather: about 4C/39F, no wind, didn't really feel too cold.

3:00 - 20k in 1:51:15 @5:34
Felt ok except for various minor aches and pains the last 10k. Happy to run at an easy pace.
Shoes: 240g K-Swiss no insoles
Weight: 61.9kg
Weather: 6C/43F, cloudy

10:00am - 23.5k in 2:07:35 @5:28
28:17/28:38/25:40 (hills)/26:42/18:16
500m hills (Up/down x 5 = 5k). Up hard, down easy x 3. Up hard, down hard, up easy, down hard. Got that? It's a quad strengthener!
Quads sore and legs tired coming back but picked up pace to 5:20/k, then "kicked" last 2k @5:08.
I think this is a really good workout and should build strength for the marathon.
Shoes: 225 Saucony no insoles
Weather: 4C/39F, up to 8C/46F, sunny

This was the 31st. In Japan, as a general rule, you go to your relatives (in my case, my wife's relatives), arrive about 4:00, then drink and eat until 12:30, finishing with "year crossing" soba noodles (long noodles for a long life). Then the morning of the 1st you eat New year's foods and drink sake. In other words, you gain a lot of weight!

Back home at 5:00 and ran 10k. Surprisingly, considering yesterday's hard run and all the food, I felt quite good. Planned to run very slowly, but ran 27:11/24:54 and was just cruising easily the last 5k.
Weight: 62.5kg

3:00 - 25k (as planned) in 2:07:39 @5:06
26:40/26:33/26:00/24:26/23:58. @ 5:20/19/12/4:54/4:48. Last 2k: 4:44,39
Felt ok. Planned to pick up last 10k to under 5:00/k, which I did. Had some slight niggles in the calf last night, so was a bit wary of it, but it was fine. i am 99% sure it is 100% healed.
Weight: 62.4kg
Shoes: 240g Nike Cage+ with insoles
Weather: 10C/50F, 35%, sunny


  1. happy new year bob. sounds like you're right on course with your training, despite minor aches and pains. guess they just prove you are human afterall.


  2. あけましておめでとう!!!

    All the best for 2011 Bob.

  3. I've got that. Sounds like a quad strengthener!

    All the best with the program. Certainly looks hard enough - esp the 9k of intervals after the 24k day.

  4. 6k of intervals, but even that's hard!