January 16, 2011

Piling On the Miles

Week of Jan 10 ~ 16

Plan: 20/10/20/22/20/30km
Ran: 20/12/20/22/20/30 = 124km / 77 mi. 11:14


11:00 - Machines and core at gym.
1:30 - 20k in 1:55:29 @5:46
Reduced from the usual 24k due to concerns about a sore thigh (very sore last Sunday).
It was a bit sore from the start, but did not get worse. By the way, I discovered that triathletes do not refer to "pain," they call it "discomfort." I like that, so from now on, there's no pain, only discomfort. (If you are at the point where you have real, undeniable pain, you are at the point where you stop running.)
Weather: 6C/43F, 20%, prtly cloudy

7:30pm in Yoyogi Park. 3000, 2000, 1000.
11:52 (5:30 jog) 7:51 (5:00 jog) 3:43
No discomfort in thighs or anywhere. Felt pretty good, ran hard and had other guys to run with. All under 4:00/km pace, with the 1000 faster than last week. I like this workout.
Weight: 61.7kg
Weather: about 4C/39F

2:30 - 20k in 1:49:24 @5:28
Felt ok - no aches or pains.
Weight: 61.8kg
Weather: 6C/43F, 15%, cloudy

11:00 - 22k in 1:54:44
8.5k / 500m hill up&down x 5 (4 fast up, 2 fast down) / 8.5
28:14/19:22/hills/17:20/24:41 back @4:57/56
Morning and cold, so felt only so-so. But hills were faster than last week. Legs tired coming back, could go no faster.
Weather: 3C/37F, 20%, sunny

4:00 - 20k in 1:51:26 @5:34
Felt ok - legs tiring last 5k.

2:00 - 30k in 2:39:39 @5:19
Cold! Cold wind against me going out. The plan is to come back faster, which i did, but had to work to run at that pace. Not comfortable. Last 4k left thigh and knee had some discomfort. I actually expected to slow down the last 5k, so that was good.
Weight: 61.6kg (it is HARD to lose weight. I really want to get down to 60kg.)
Weather: 6C/43F > 3C/37F, 0% > 15% (first time I ever saw 0% humidity), sunny


  1. A good weeks work Bob, despite the discomfort. Keeping under the 4:00 pace is a very solid performance on the 3/2/1k.

  2. You are going well.
    As for pain....the old saying is "pain is just weakness leaving the body"

  3. Do you drink at night Bob? That is my problem or the main reason I don't lose much weight but I'm sure that if you keep the high mileage up the weight will drop in the 9th or 10th week of your build up. It always does for me.

    Yes, very dry here in winter, isn't it? The low humidity plays havoc with my beautiful complexion ;)

  4. Leave it alone Scott!

    Yes, I like "discomfort" Bob. Those Ironman triathletes would know the worst kinds of discomfort.

    Your 3,2,1 session is the same one a bloke I knew in Sydney swore by. I remember he used to be under 10 for the 3000, can't remember the other times. He was 40 and running 2:42 for the marathon at the time.

  5. sounds like you're getting better...glad to hear that. feel your pain when it comes to that pesky weight thing...but find it hard to imagine you have any excess anywhere!! btw...a have a friend from london who's running tokyo this year. thought you two might want to meet up...he's not as fast as you but he runs all over the world. here's his blog if interested...