January 23, 2011

A Tiring Week

Week of Jan 17 ~ 23

Plan: 0/24/10/20/22/20/30 126km
Ran: 0/24/10/20/22/20/30 126km / 78 mi. 11:22


11:00 - Machines and core at the gym.
3:00 - 24k in 2:07:21 @5:18
26:54/27:01/26:23/26:17/20:45 @5:23/26/17/16/11
Felt good. Left thigh had some discomfort the last 4k, but I didn't plan to pick up the pace anyway.
Weight: 61.1kg
Weather: 8C/46F, 20%, sunny

7:30pm - 10k with 2000/1000/2000/1000
7:34, 3:41, 7:41, 3:38 (jog/walk in between of 4:30, 3:00, 4:34).
Good! Getting faster. Had several people to run with and wearing light racing shoes also helped. First time to wear them since I tore my calf muscle, but there was no problem.
Weight: 60.8kg

3:00 - 20k in 1:50:48 @5:32
Felt ok, but left calf slightly stiff.
Weight: 61.4kg
Weather: 8C/46F, 20%, sunny

11:00 - Machines and core at the gym.
3:30 - 22k - 8.5/500m hill x 5/8.5
27:42/19:15/hills (4 up hard, 2 down hard)/17:10/24:11 @5:32/30/4:54/50
Both calves stiff and sore from Wednesday. I was a bit nervous at the start of the hills, but ran them ok. Ran 8.5k in at a nice pace.
Weather: 7C/45F, 20%, sunny

20k in 1:52:31 @5:38
Legs heavy, calves stiff, knees a bit sore last 5k, which felt like a long ways.
Weight: 60.4kg
Weather: 9C/48F, 20%, cloudy

12:30 - 30k in 2:47:18 @5:34
Weather: 7C/45F, sunny
Did not run my usual bike path, so relied on the garmin, however I got lost for a while so had some extra time and distance which I then tried to compensate for...anyway, the time and distance were close to being correct.
Legs tired and heavy last 10k and especially last 5k. I will cut back on the distance some next week. 100-110k. I think running 15k on Tues,Thurs,Sat instead of 24/20/20 will make quite a difference.


  1. Cool Bob

    Keep walking that knife's edge and get to LA in one piece. Good session on Weds too.

  2. Good week. Well done.
    But you mention your calves a lot. Are you massaging and or stretching?

  3. I massage with The Stick. Can't afford to pay for massages. I don't stretch because I believe that stretching aggravates sore muscles. The only time I stretch a bit is before I run fast (after jogging to warm up).

  4. Yes, I was impressed with Wednesday (and running the planned mileage). Hope the calves come round with the lighter week.