February 8, 2009

A windy 30K

Did my 30k around the Palace (6 x 5k). The first 15k was fun — we had a group of 14 running together at about 5:15/k pace — 27:09/27:00/26:50 (each loop is 26m short of 5k). 
It was VERY windy, however. Along the front side of the Palace it was tough going, and for some reason it seemed to be mostly against you all the way up the back side until the straight stretch by the British Embassy. But at that pace, not a real problem.
   Then after a short break for water and a carbo shotz, picked up the pace with Brett. Wanted to run 4:15/k, but the wind made that very difficult. Was happy to do the first 5k in 22:11. Then Brett left to run home, and I soldiered on. Expected to slow, but surprisingly held the pace: 22:12, 22:12 (those were full 5Ks). Pretty happy about that, even though it was not MP. Was working pretty hard.  Legs felt a bit tired, and more so the second 15k. Was beat at the end, but could have gone further. Hamstrings were kind of sore...they didn't get real bad, but I don't think the kinesio taping had any effect. (I do, however, think it helped my knee when that was sore.)
So that's it for real hard workouts. Now three weeks of gradual tapering. Which I am looking forward to.

30K   2:27:37
Time: 12:00
Weather: 10°?, sunny but a strong, cold wind
Wt: ?
Shoes: 310g (Brooks Ghost)

Week: 86.2k  7:45 + 1:00 x-trng


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  2. Sounds like a good workout, Bob. Hope you'll have ample space in the plane when you're flying over to the US. Your legs would love that...!

  3. Not bad. I think Steve would have had trouble with that one. Enjoy the taper.