February 1, 2009

22K MP...attempt

Fri: Kinesiology lecture, then meetings
22k MP run (aiming for 21:15/5k)
21:33, 21:24, 22:26 (including 30 secs stop to drink gel and water), 22:00, 8:53   1:36:18  Aver k: 4:22.6  Half: 1:31:49 
Slowed down after 10k, the main reason being my hamstrings get tight and a bit sore and my stride shortens. I kept pushing, but could not run the pace.
Found out I can stop to drink and start up again ok, but could never make up that lost time.
Excuses: it was cold, and rather windy (which was annoying the last 12k) and I was running alone. But in general, I just didn't feel that great. Legs were really tired at the end, too.
Still, it was a good workout, and my quads and knees were ok.
After tapering and in race conditions, I WILL be able to run the proper pace!!

25.3k   1:59:40 
Time: 1:00
Weather: 8°, windy
Wt: 60.5  (drank water before bedtime, instead of eating as usual)
Shoes: 320g (Brooks Ghost....marathon shoes)

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  1. Hi Bob. Thanks for your comment about avoiding injury with rest days. Although injuries haven't been a problem for me, I have sensed some staleness of late which may be due to insufficient recovery. The heat-wave we've been enduring hasn't helped either!

    I hope your training continues to improve and you can run that sub-3 marathon. It certainly looks possible from reading about what you've been doing thus far.