February 12, 2009

More MP Runs

Mon: Off
Tues: X-trng (wts, abs, arc 10 mins., bike 20 mins.)
11:00am — 6k in 35:10. A holiday and had nothing to do in the morning, so decided to "warm up" for the evening run and test drive my new 2XU tights, which felt good.

7:30pm — Regular track workout. 
1200/1200/1000/1000/800/800 in 5:06, 5:04, 3:53, 3:55, 3:16, 3:12. Intervals were 200m jog, about 2:30.
1200s and 800s were at MP, 1000s were faster. MP runs were very easy, 1000s felt ok, although going faster would have been hard.

15.4k (total) in 1:27
Time: 7:30
Weather: Abt. 5°
Shoes: 295g

2.5k warmup in 14:39
10k MP in 21:17, 21:28. Felt ok, legs slightly tired. Had to work a bit the last 5k.
I guess it is ok to do a 10k MP run while tapering. It was only 10, not 15! I kind of planned 12, but then decided 10 was enough. Tomorrow I will have an acupuncture treatment to relieve soreness in the legs.

13.5k  1:04
Time: 4:00
Weather: 13°
Wt: 61.1
Shoes: 310g


  1. Do you think acupunture helps much? I had a few treatments with Nambaner Russ a few months ago but am interested to hear you have acupunture treatment.

  2. For injuries, I think acupuncture CAN help...it depends on the injury, the person and the acupuncturist. In other words, it is hit or miss, but worth a try. They guy I go to, at the Yamate St. Clinic, is really good...if anyone can cure an injury, he can. So because he is so good, I figure having him stick a few needles in to try to relieve some soreness and tiredness is also worth a try, right before a marathon.

  3. Interesting. Thanks.I used Russ for a while and I think "maybe" a 5% improvement. But last time it hurt for a while afterwards so I stopped going. But he was very good.
    I enjoy your Blog BTW.