February 2, 2009

Progressive Run

Sun: Rest (out all day, legs tired and sore anyway)
Week: 44.9k    3:59 (3:39 run, 0:20 bike)   Planned easy week

20k progressive run
Scheduled as an easy run (6:00 pace), but decided to do a progressive run: first 5k at 6:00 pace, then 5:30, then 5:00, then faster or the same or slower, depending on how I felt. It turned out to be:
29:57, 27:36, 25:06, 24:52. So just about exact pacing. The last one my hamstrings were tightening so did not feel like going faster, but holding the pace was ok. Was actually a bit behind after 4k and ran the last k in 4:40.
Legs still a bit tired from Saturday. Felt comfortable all the way, nice workout.

20k   1:47:33
Time: 3:00
Weather: 10°, sunny, moderate wind against coming back
Wt: 60.7
Shoes: 430g

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