June 23, 2014

No Aches, Pains, Nothing

Week of June 16 ~ 22
70km / 43.5 mi.

After two weeks of pretty much no running, all my aches and pains seem to be gone. Have some soreness in my right glute, but I don't feel it when I walk or run. And as I told Scott Brown, I switched from my bed to a futon on the floor last night, and it didn't hurt nearly as much when I got up this morning. So maybe my old mattress is the problem (it's fairly firm, but I guess not firm enough).
Anyway, after testing the right hamstring with two very easy runs last Sat and Sun, which produced no pain at all, I started in this week as below, albeit gently.

Oh, and I've gone on a SERIOUS diet to come closer to my Kenyan-thin ideal. Cut out almost all carbs, except for some at dinner. By that I mean oatmeal, cereal, crackers, bread, etc. I'm now getting my carbs through lots of fruit (mainly bananas) and vegetables (discovered frozen vegetables, which are good and handy - easy to heat up with tomato sauce). Lots of protein from beans, yoghurt, lowfat milk and protein powder.
Still counting calories (weighing all food, except at dinner and restaurants, which I estimate), which is the secret, I think, to consistent weight loss/maintenance.
And keeping beer/wine to a minimum, 2 or maybe 3 times a week, but only one or two beers, two glasses of wine. (One beer: 130kcal, one glass wine: 120kcal.)
Went from 60kg to 58kg in 12 days. 58 used to be my goal, but now I'm aiming for 57 or less, which will be pretty thin. Thin and fast.
I'm even doing my abs work every night - aiming for the Brad Pitt Fight Club look. (Want an intense workout program? Google (or better, Duck Duck Go) Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout.)

3:00 - 8k in 43:20 @5:26/k. Hamstring ok, cruising easily.
28C/82F, 40%

2:00 - Gym workout
3:00 8k in 44:00 @5:30/k. Easy run.
26C/79F, 50%

7:30pm - club track workout.
Just ran at an easy pace, about 4:45/k. Hamstring was fine.

3:30 - 10k in 56:10 @5:37/k
Felt kind of tired and weak - lack of fuel?
27C/81F, 50%

11:00 - Gym workout
3:00 - 10k in 56:45 @5:39/k (59:22/57:22).
Legs still a bit tired.
28C/82F, 40%

3:00 - 14k with 4k warmup, 3k x 3 tempo, 1k home.
3ks in 13:18, 13:32, 13:22 (13:30 is 4:30/k)
Felt ok, not great. First hard workout in 3 weeks.
28C/82F, 50%

3:30 - 10k very easy. Legs quite tired.
22C/72F, 60% (after rain).

On a side note, I'm in first place in my World Cup pool. I've got Argentina, Columbia and Costa Rica, 6 for 6 so far (Costa Rica - football superpower!). Bought them in an auction, with each person (8) putting in 6,000 yen. Clever of me to choose the South American teams, right? But much to my wife's disgust, I have to cheer for Columbia over Japan. Even though Columbia has already qualified for the second round, I need the points.


  1. I'm guessing you might not have approved of my last cheesecake ridden post then Bob. Counting calories ... COME ON really! Again, a nice reminder about overdoing the carbs though with a few practical examples thrown in - thanks. Japan should throw everything at Columbia and will have to. Nothing to lose.

  2. Great to see you are back in action. Good luck with the weight loss. 57 Kgm is pretty light. I suppose the trick is to find your best running weight. See you in July.

  3. Yes, but do they have enough to throw? - that's the problem.

  4. With us out I'm now going for the Dutch. Was hoping that Japan and the US would do well too.
    Good to hear the hammy has come good. Had a niggle in my left but two day's rest Mon and Tue seems to have been enough.
    My best racing weight was 70kg - might have to make a concerted (less beer & cake) effort to drop 5kg. Then I can be 'fat Kenyan' fast ;-)