June 29, 2014

2 Fairly Good Workouts

Week of June 23 ~ 29
59.3km / 36.8 mi.

2:30 - 5.9k very easy. Planned 8, but got twinges in the hamstring, so stopped. 10th day of running in a row, as I didn't rest last week, although only one of those days was a hard workout.
27C/81F, 50%

12:00 - Weights and abs in the gym.

7:30pm - 5,000m time trial. 5k warmup.
19:41 (3:52/59/59/56/54). Felt good. Ran right behind two guys for 4,000m, then they pulled away. Actually thought I was going faster (just pushed the split button, didn't look at the watch), but I'm nowhere near racing shape. Also it was very humid.
22C/72F, humid
59.4kg (but 58.5 before running)

3:30 - 10k easy in 59:00. Legs a bit tired.
28C/82F, 50%

12:00 - Weights and abs in the gym.
3:30 - 14k in 1:18:20. 41:04/37:15 @5:52/5:19/k
27C/81F, 50%

3:00 - 14k with 4k warmup, 3k x 3, 1k jog.
3ks in 13:49, 13:38, 13:04 (4:17/23/24) 5min walks in between.
Could hardly move the first 4k with heavy legs, but managed to get loosened up.
Planned to be happy with a 4:30/k pace.
24C/75F, 90% (rain before and after)

3:00 - 4.4k easy, then faster. Planned to run 8 or 10k, but dark clouds were rolling in and thunder started at 2k, so turned around. Didn't feel like getting drenched and didn't want to run in lightning. First 2k legs were dead heavy, but picked up the pace and tried to get in an extra k, but rain started after 200m, so turned around. 600 to go, picked up the pace. 400 to go, rain a bit harder, picked up the pace. 200 to go, raindrops getting bigger, sprinted for home. Got slightly wet, but made it - the downpour began 20 seconds later.
28C/82F, 90%


  1. 19.41 for 5 Km in humid conditions with a dodgy hammy is pretty fair running. Amazingly you gained almost a Kgm during the race !

  2. Looks like you're coming round slowly. I'm perplexed as to how you can be heavier after a 5k race? Or is that after the post-race 6-pack and Big Macs?

  3. That's right Bob. You cant leave it at that ... we want an answer. How the ... is that possible? You did say it was humid ... osmosis?

  4. Where does it say after?

    The daily weight is measured in the early morning, before breakfast. So during the day, I lost weight. I eat a light breakfast, very light lunch (usually a protein/banana shake) and don't run until 7:30, before dinner, obviously.