June 8, 2014

Race Cancelled

Week of June 2 ~ 8

Not much of a week. Monday and Tuesday were rest days after the 10K race on Sunday.
Wednesday was supposed to be 6 x 1000 on the track, but after two fairly easy ones, the hamstring felt sore, so stopped. A surprise, as it hadn't been sore in the race or afterwards.
Continued to be sore when walking that night and a bit the next day, so rested thursday and friday, as I was supposed to run a 10K leg in a triathlon relay on Saturday.
This was on an island, Oshima, off the coast a two-hour jetfoil (hydrofoil) ride from Tokyo. However, the weather was terrible - strong wind and rain - and after we got there, they decided to cancel the races (relay and an individual triathlon). The third year in a row it has been cancelled! They need to re-think their date!
I was just as happy, since I probably would have had to just run at a very easy pace, letting the team down.
They did have the "post-race" party though, and those triathletes know how to party! It seemed like most of the 6,000 yen entry fee went for beer and food.
Then today was a beautiful day.

So....rest until Wednesday, test out the hamstring and if/when it is completely healed, get back into training. The plan is, from once I start in June, through July, August and September, to train hard and diet hard, getting much thinner and hopefully faster, then race in Oct/Nov/Dec.

Hope you all have a good summer (winter) of training also!


  1. 3 cancellations in a row - hope you got your 6000 yen's worth. hope the hammy improves

  2. The dodgy hammy would be frustrating but probably for the best that the race was cancelled. Don't tell Scott Brown about cancelled races that still have parties - he'll be up to sumo weight before he realises.

  3. Hey Bob. You might have guessed that my nasty nasty groin injury hasn't cleared up as I'd hoped. Perhaps I should have taken the 9 days after all. Quick question. Although a lot better, I still have mild discomfort setting in at around 10K and as a precaution, I quit my runs there. Should I continue this way or push on?