July 6, 2014

Fun Event - 3-Hour Relay

Week of June 30 ~ July 6

62.4km / 38.7 mi.

3:30 - 14k with 7k easy in 42:03, 7k tempo in 30:50 @4:24/k.
Stretched after the 7k warmup and then felt ok. Good pace, was working a bit, but not too hard. (which is how a tempo run should be).
I didn't look at my watch each km, which is a new way of running for me, and which I rather like. Run completely how you feel.
26C/79F, 50%, cloudy

12:00 - Gym workout

7:30pm - Club track workout - 14.4k with 1000m x 6.
After a good warmup, 3:46/43/44/44/49/42
(200m in between, 2:50~3:10, 3:48 after 4th)
Felt good, ran well. Had people to follow, except on the 5th one. Worked fairly hard, but comfortable.
26C/79F, 64%

12:00 - 8k very easy - legs tired.
29C/84F, 50%

Rest. No time to run and anyway, a "race" tomorrow.

10km. Summer Festival 3-Hour Relay in a park at Odaiba (Tokyo waterfront area).
This was a fun event where you could enter teams of 2 to 10 people, who run for 3 hours. Each person runs a 2.5k loop, handing off to the next person (or however you want to do it). At least it was supposed to be 2.5k - it turned out to be 1.85k (garmin), which was actually better, as we all ran as hard as we could - "fun" for us turned out to not mean jogging around.
The club had two teams - the Work Team of 5 fast guys (although 2 of the fastest couldn't make it and were replaced with 2 slower guys) and the Play Team of 3 guys and 3 girls, including me.
The Work team came in 3rd out of 110 teams, running 27 laps or just about 50km. The Play team, whose 3 girls were all good runners, ran 24 laps and came in 7th! As a "fun event" there were not many strong teams, but 7th was still a surprise.
I ran loops of 7:01, 7:16, 7:18, 7:14, or about 3:54/k (with 38-39 mins in between). I was really working hard, and fortunately had other runners about the same pace to try to catch or stay with each loop. The weather was off and on light rain, which was actually good - much better than blazing sun.
Interesting relay, first time I had ever heard of that format, and it worked well (needless to say, they used chips to track the teams).
They had food and beer vans at the site, so we had a nice post-race lunch/celebration.
Oh, and the Work team's prize for 3rd place was a very large bag of fireworks - rather strange.

1:00 - Gym workout
3:00 - 16k in 1:31:08 @5:42/k.  Out/back was 47:32/43:36 @5:56/5:27.
Recovery run, felt ok.


  1. looking lean bob. nice consistent splits for you and great results for the namban rengo teams. congrats

  2. Just who are you calling slow?

  3. So when do you light the fireworks ?
    Good running. Seems a fun day.

  4. Sounds like a fun event Bob. Well done to your teams.
    Agree with you about the fun of running/racing without looking at the watch. Great for learning to listen to the body too.

  5. Nice to see those pics Bob. Would love to be part of a team like that ... perhaps one day.