June 9, 2013

Up to 100km

Week of June 3 ~ 9

100.2km / 62 mi.

My knee is not getting better, and in fact is getting worse. The weird thing is, it hurts most when I get up after sitting for a while. Then it "loosens up" and is not bad. While running it is only slightly sore, and when running fast, not at all. So go figure!
When I go to Thailand to visit my daughter in July, I am going to get an MRI and a consultation with a sports doctor. Why Thailand? Good hospitals, cheaper than Japan, English speaking.

All long/easy days are slow aerobic (HAF) runs - 4 per week.

Trying hard to lose weight! Counting calories in.
Weight measured right after getting up, before breakfast, whatever time that is.

Rest - Back from onsen (hot spring) trip.
Calories: ? (ate too much)

2:00 - 15k at 1:27:12 @5:49/k.
3:30 - Gym workout
Weather: 27C/81F, sunny
Weight: 60.6kg
Calories: 1706

7:30pm - 10.2k - track workout. 1000 x 6
3:50/42/44/45/45/40 (2:30 jog/walk in between)
Weight: 60.2kg
Calories: 1774

3:30 - 20k in 1:56:55 @5:51
Weather: 25C/77F
Weight: 60.5kg
Calories: 2083 (Costco hotdog - bad, bad)

11:00 - Gym workout
12:30 - 16k in 1:34:36 @5:54
Weather: 24C/75F
Weight: 60.5kg
Calories: 1517

10:30 - 15k. 3k x 3, 150m hill x 5
3k in 13:00, 12:58, 13:06 (5' walk breaks)
Worked hard, good workout.
Weather: 24C/75F
Weight: 60.0kg
Calories: 1580

9:30 - 24k in 2:20:03 @5:50
Knee sore, legs tired and quads sore 2nd half. Was planning 30k runs on Sunday, but 24 seems enough after a hard workout Saturday.
Weather: 26C/79F
Weight: 60.0kg
Calories: 1637


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  2. Glad to see you are running well.
    Thursday -Sunday...4 days...you are averaging almost a half marathon a day. Don't get injured.

  3. Oh My - you run a lot! And fast! I bow down to you ;) i hope your knee heals very soon.

    ps: I love your blog header photo

  4. As long as slowly on the steady runs isn't hurting the knee. Could it be osteoarthritis I wonder? You can also get some good quality plastic surgery in Thailand too Bob ;-) I must mention that to Scott Brown.

  5. I'm gonna throw this out there Bob. Don't laugh but for some reason it seemed to work well for me. If it's your left knee then tape your left big toe to the next one along (the second toe). In other words pretend you have turf toe. Prevents pronation in the foot and therefore misalignment in the knee. I told you not to laugh. Good luck with the week ahead.