June 4, 2013

"Not Bad" Time Trial & 10,000m Goal?

Discovered something interesting: the US 10,000m track record for 65-69 is 38:38. If I'm in good shape and the weather is cool, I should be able to do that....

Week of May 27 ~ Jun 2

81.3km / 50.5 mi.


11:30 - Gym workout
2:00 - 15k in 1:29:38. @5:59/k. Aerobic run

7:30 pm - track workout.
Easy 11.4k (5,000m in 25:36).
End of the month club time trial, however, there is a big multi-club TT tomorrow, which I will run as a test of fitness.
Weight: 60.7kg

7:00pm - 5,000m in 19:39
Felt good - knee was fine (with kinesio tape). Had people to run behind, except the last 1000.
Very humid - rain off and on all day. Good effort, I'll take it. Plan to be quite a bit lower by Sept.
Weather: 19C/66F, 88% humidity
Weight: 60.3kg

12:00 - Gym workout
3:00 - 15k in 1:29:30 @5:58/k
Felt ok, knee a bit sore.

2:00 - 20k in 1:57:51 @5:54/k
Weather: 26C/79F
Weight: 59.7kg

9:00am - 12.5k with 4k x 2 at good tempo pace in 17:10 and 17:22 (4:20/k = 17:20)
Felt pretty good, knee was ok. Had to run early because going to hot spring resort in Hakone (near Mt. Fuji) with wife and relatives. Diet will go to hell today and tomorrow.


  1. That is interesting. Agree that it's well within your capabilities. Perhaps sub-38? When's the 10,000? We only have 2 a year in Canberra - not many chances to go for a PB!

  2. What an achievement that would be! Now is the perfect time. Actually, probably not. Best to wait for cooler weather. Well done with your week. Boy you must shed some weight in that Tokyo summer and its only June!