June 23, 2013

Backing Off a Bit, But 2 Good Days

Week of June 17 ~ 23

76km / 47 mi.

3:00 - 24km easy @ abt 5:48/km ( still no watch).
Ran long since I din't run yesterday.
Dull ache in the knee as usual. Manageable, but it's there.
Weather: 30C/86F, sunny
Weight: 59.4kg

3:00 - Gym workout
Weight: 59.1kg

7:30pm - Club track workout 400m x 12 (with watch)
91/84/82/81/83/80 (90sec walk after each, 3:10 walk after 6th)
87/82/84/83/82/78 (90sec walk)
Good workout, worked hard, had lots of people to run with.
Kinesio tape on knee, was ok after 3rd one.
Weather: 25C/77F
Weight: 59.4kg

3:00 - 10km in 59:34 @5:57/k
Getting tired of running on an aching knee, so between the extremes of 0 and 20km, decided to do 10k each day. After about 3k, it is not too sore.
Weather: 22C/72F, light rain

11:30 - Gym workout
2:00 - 10k in 59:30 @5:57/k
Weather: 23C/73F, 82%, light rain
Weight: 59.6kg

3:30 - 10k in 57:30 @5:45/km
Weather: 25C/77F
Weight: 59.1kg

2:00 - 13k with 3.5k WU, 5k hard, 3k hard
5k in 20:42 @4:08/k (walk 8mins) 3k in 12:27 @4:09/k
Faster than expected. Knee felt fine for the 5k, a bit sore for the 3k.
Worked hard on the 3k, with last k fastest of the day in 4:04.
Weather: 25C/77F, 70%
Weight: 58.1kg ! Counting those calories! (about 1600 per day, which is not a large amount)
Interesting note: My friend Susan, who recently ran 700km across the desert in Australia, said that running 25km this morning at high humidity was harder than running 45km in the Outback.


  1. That's saying something. Think I'd go the 25k humid run!

    Hope the knee comes around with the 10k runs. If I was keen to lose weight, think I'd go the Grellan method - no meals before 5pm, then eat normally (or something similar). Maybe I could last to 3pm!

  2. That's a nice training day on Sunday. Backing off a bit but you still managed 76km! I too would do the 25k hot wet and sticky run.

  3. That was some workout last Sunday. I wish I could do that.

  4. Yes I reckon it's the humidity that drains you! Even though it's been relatively cool down here in the mornings lately I'm sweating within the first 5 minutes.

    Actually remembered something that happens when you run here in the summer, the other day. You come back from a run with your hands wrinkled and white as if you've ben in the pool all day!