July 31, 2012

Back to No Running

I wrote to Linzay Logan, the woman who blogged about her injury on competitor.com. As it was exactly like mine, I asked her if she had continued to run a bit while she rehabbed. This is her answer:

I'm so sorry to hear about your injury! They are the worst! It does sound like you have a similar injury to mine: hamstring torn almost off the pelvic bone, but still hanging on by a thread. In my experience I had do no running at all and just do the PT/strength training. I felt like running, even for a few minutes, would pull on my hamstring and reverse all the progress I had done. Instead I biked, did the elliptical and went to PT twice a week for almost three months. I credit my recovery from the strength training I did at PT and not running at all. It's really tough to give up running for a little while, but it's worth it—I continued to run short amounts once a week or so for a few months because I wanted to run, but I really think it was hindering my recovery and I could have cut down my recovery time by months if I had stopped running earlier. 

I agree with her: I think the running I am doing is not doing me any good training-wise, and is probably aggravating the injury. In fact, I had been leaning in this direction even before I heard from her, and didn't run yesterday, doing a bike ride instead.

So I won't run for about a month and then I'll see how things are.

By the way, I got into the lottery for the Kobe marathon in November, but decided not to enter as I won't have time to train. I am entered in a half at the end of September, but I either won't run or will just cruise it for the fun of it, if my hamstring is healed..

So my long-term goal is now Boston 2013.


  1. Good luck.
    Take it easy.
    "Cruising for the fun of it" over 21.1Km is probably not the way to go.

  2. Hope you get well and fully recovered.

  3. Good idea Bob. Do the rehab suggested by the physio and you'll be back quicker than if you jog through it.

  4. good idea, Bob. Take a brake and you'll be back even stronger!

  5. Hi Bob I just now read your email to me at "Samurairunning" Sorry to of not gotten back to you. Future email could you send to abenoki@gmail.com Also sorry to hear that your injury will prevent you from coming down here.

    Just make sure you come down in the near future or you may just have to sleep on the same bed Ewen did when he comes over!

    1. Bob, the bed I used is fine. It's the one often used by Scott when he dosen't have guests - outside in the doghouse.

  6. Bob, Please join the tri people email list, and some bike workouts with us

  7. i mean join our weekend bike training