July 1, 2012

Hamstring Still Painful

Ran a bit...a tiny bit...on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, with the hamstring getting more painful each time, so decided that "active rehabilitation" at least in the form of running, is not what is called for. Also had some massage, acupuncture and PT, which feel nice, but the effectiveness is questionable. I think I just have to rest until there is no more pain, however long that may take.
My preferred treatment now is heat (to bring blood to the area) and compression. Patience is called for.

If you or anyone you know has actually cured a badly strained hamstring, please let me know what they did.


1 comment:

  1. Hope you're on the mend Bob! I guess that if you are not posting that means you're not running. What ever it takes, even if it means a summer of pool training you should do it.