October 3, 2011

Easy Recovery Week

Week of Sept. 26 ~ Oct. 2

Ran: 0/6.6/10.2/5/3/10/15.6 - 50.4k / 31 mi. 4:57

Recovery week after the half marathon last Sunday.
Last year, my faithful readers may remember, I trained pretty hard the two weeks after the Half, then ran (tried to run) a 10k race and tore my calf muscle. No repeat of that this year.



11:30 - machine and core at the gym.
3:30 - 4.8km (3 mi.) tempo run with varsity girls on our new course in the park next to the school.
Fairly easy in 20:27.

7:30 - 5,000m time trial at the track, which I ran easily, pacing other people. 22:20.

3:30 - 5k easy with the team. Legs tired.

Cross-country meet on the ASIJ course. Jogged 3k showing the course to another team, then rode my bike, leading the girls. I.e, showing the course, as the top girl was from another school. Boys finished 1-2-3-4-5. Top boy ran 17:10 for 5k, all 5 were under 18:00. The girls unfortunately got beat by another school.

4:00 - Easy 10k in 55:20.
Weather: 23C/73F, 30%, sunny. Nice fall weather all this week.
Weight: 60.1kg

10:00 - 15.6k up and down the hills of Ome. Lovely day for a run through the woods. 1:53:34
Out VERY easy in 1:02:18, In easy for 19' then moderately fast, total 51:15.
Have to run with varsity boys tomorrow, so took it easy.
Hot spring and beer afterwards.