October 10, 2011

"Kind of Hard" Week

Week of Oct. 3 ~ 9

Ran: 15.5/10.8/7.4/8.5/9.8/0/20 - 72km / 44.7 mi. 6:11

A bit difficult to assess this week. Some fairly hard runs, but not much distance, both because I'm still recovering from the half on 9/25 and because I'm focusing on shorter runs to get ready for a 5,000m time trial that I'll run as a race on the 26th.

3:30 - River Run with varsity boys. 13k in 1:02:45.
Out 34:12 (5:15/k), In 28:33 (4:24/k) with 5 500m pickups, progressively faster.
5 x 100m barefoot strides.
Weather: 21C/70F, 20%

11:30 - machines and core at the gym.
3:00 - Hills with varsity boys (behind them). 300m x 7 (20 mins.), 50m x 6, 400m x 2
All in all, a pretty hard workout.
5 x 100m barefoot strides.
Weather: 21C/70F

7:30 - club track workout. 6 x 800m, very easy as right buttock sore (3 pretty hard days in a row).
3:35/39/26/22/33/28 (200m jog 2:30-3:00)
Weather: Rain, 16C/61F, but felt much colder.

3:30 - After warmup, 35 min run with Nos. 4,5,6,7 varsity boys. 5 x 4 mins hard, 3 mins. easy.
First four hard ones were at a good pace, the fifth was a very good pace. This is a good workout.
Weather: 22C/72F, 50%, sunny
Weight: 60.1kg

11:30 - machines and core at the gym.
3:00 - 2k + 1k warmup, then 3 mile tempo run with 5 varsity girls. Target was 7:00 per mile, we ran 6:53, 6:59, 6:44 (top girl picked up the last one, not me). So 4:18/km - good run for them.
Weather: 24C/75F, 20%, sunny

Rest. I realized I ran 11 days in a row! Although thurs/fri/sat last week were quite easy.
But I worked outside cutting trees and bushes, then picking up branches and leaves, which required about 300 bends/squats, so didn't really rest my buttock much.

1:30 - At Tsudanuma (father-in-law's). Nice 20k run in 1:45:11 (57:00/48:11 @5:42/4:48).
Coming back I picked up the pace for 3 2ks (1/2, 5/6, 9/10), which wer at about 4:20 pace.
Right butt is still a bit sore, but I felt ok. Will take two days off (school is on vacation).
Weather: 23C/73F.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your build-up for that 5000. Do you have a goal time in mind?