October 15, 2011

Not Much of a Week

Week of Oct. 10 ~ 16

I've had this annoying niggle in my right hip/buttock area for a week, so decided to rest to get rid of it. I can run ok, but I would rather it not be there, especially as it could get worse....

So I took off Monday and Tuesday, then ran 4 800s at the "decent" pace of 3:05-3:10 on Wednesday afternoon with the varsity girls. I could still feel it. Went home, then went to the track workout, where I ran 1000/1200/1200/1000/800/400 with the 1200s at a decent pace, the second 1000 fairly fast at 3:32 (but comfortable), and the others very easy. It felt the same, neither better nor worse, as I expected.

Thursday I just jogged with the kids for 3.5km, and it felt the same, i.e, still an annoyance. So wanting to get rid of it, I decided to take three days off, yesterday, today and tomorrow. We'll see Monday if that did the trick.
It's not that it would slow me down for the 5,000 on the 26th, but I am looking ahead to the Half on Nov. 20th, so don't want any distractions in the month before that.
(Ewen: aiming for 18:00 in the 5,000. Or rather, I want to see if I can run 18:00 if I "race" 5,000.)

The American School cross-country team had their league finals today. The boys crushed everyone and the girls lost by one point to a school called Seisen. But they ran well and it was a good result, since Seisen had beaten them badly two weeks ago. It was rainy and muddy, a real cross country kind of day.
Actually, they have one more race - they go to Guam next week for the Far East International Schools championship.


  1. A niggle that can't make up it's mind can be very frustrating. Hope it clears up.

    18 for 5k would be fantastic - well within reach given some of your recent time trials.

  2. That's a nagging one. Sounds like Scott's wife. Hope the 3 days in solitary cures it.

    Yes, 18:00 would be brillant - 17:59 better .) That's over 90% AG - you'd be one of the top 3 or 4 ACT Masters with that time.