September 25, 2011

Half in 1:26:02...Long?

Week of Sept. 19 ~ 25

Ran: 15/8.2/18.6/0/0/8/21.1 - 70.9km / 44 mi.

3;30 - 15k including 13k River Run with varsity boys.
4k in 19:55 @4:59, 5k in 24:06 @4:48, 4k in 17:41 @4:26.
I paced the boys at exactly the pace we wanted to run, i.e. not speeding up too much the last 4k.
Abs work afterwards.
Weather: 29C/84F, 50%, sunny
Weight: 60.2kg

11;30 - machines and core at the gym.
3:30 - 8.2k with 600m hill x 5.
With the girls in 2:45/44/34/29/10 (3:30 jog down)
Nice workout, felt ok.
Weather: 20C/68F ! First cool day. Misty rain.

Typhoon hit Tokyo. It went through in the late afternoon/early evening, so track training was cancelled. Unfortunately, I was downtown and all the trains stopped. I managed to take the last subway to the station where "my train" leaves from, but it had stopped. So, as I had my running clothes with me, I changed in the station, put my bag in a locker, and ran home. It turned out to be 18.6km, which I did in 1:45:26, which works out to 5:40/km. I'm quite sure I was going faster than that (about 5:15/k), so maybe Map My Run is not so accurate. Fortunately the rain stopped just as I started, but the wind was strong (mostly at my back). Anyway, I was not planning a long run today, but I suppose with rest I will be ok for the race on Sunday.

Rest. Some jogging with the kids, but not worth recording.


10:00am - 8k very easy with the team (meet was cancelled due to typhoon debris on the regular course). We will have one meet in Nogawa Park, right next to the school, so we mapped out a 5k course and did a time trial today. I jogged easily with one of the Junior Varsity girls in 28:39. Fastest boy was 16:55, next two 17:14, 17:16. Not bad....

Watarase Half in northerm Saitama (the boonies), 2 hours from home. This is a nice race, 3 times around a reservoir, surrounded by greenery. Probably about 2,000 people.
Time 1:26:02, 6th in the 50-and-over division (no 60s).
Splits were 20:07, 20:36, 20:05, 21:00, 4:12.
HOWEVER, the 4th 5k was way off. The first k was in 3:51 (garmins beeping around me), then I settled into a nice pace (although I planned on running about 19:45). 2nd 5k I guess I got lulled into an easier pace and it was too slow. Picked up the 3rd 5k a bit, and was feeling good. Planned to pick up the next 5k, and I did - considerably. I was really moving well and passing people who I had seen ahead of me the whole way. So that 5k was definitely long. Quite a bit long, in fact. I'm sure I ran 19:30 or faster. I also picked up the last 1.1 kilo, but not so much as to go from 4:12/k (21:00 5k) to 3:48/k (4:12 1.1k).
As to whether the entire course was long or not, I don't know. Two club members said their garmins showed it to be just about right. I think it was long, mainly because I think I ran faster than 1:26, but I can't say for sure.
Anyway, it was a nice race and I felt good and ran quite well. Feeling strong the last 6k of a half marathon is always nice.
Weather: 21C/70F, about half sunny, half cloudy. Felt hot when the sun was out, nice when it was not.
Weight: 60.1kg
Shoes: AdiZeroPro 160g (no insoles). Ball of right foot was a little sore at the end, but not bad.

Here's the "HiTeck Tumbler" (drink bottle) I got as 6th place prize.


  1. Since you put in a kick over the 4th 5k it's a bit dissappointing to record it as the slowest - your training would certainly indicate a result better than 1:26. Glad to hear that you enjoyed it despite the long course. Pity there was no M60 category - with 2,000 runners you'd expect it.

  2. that's crap when they can't measure the course properly. great, though, that you ran a strong race and finished well. congrats on the 6th place. thanks also for the donation, bob, really appreciate your kindness

  3. Bob, you're giving those fastidious Japanese a bad name ;) That 3rd 5k is definitely wrong - looks like you were robbed by 1 to 2 minutes. Even so, great time - would have won the 60-64 division in the recent Sydney Half. Nice drink bottle too!

  4. Hi Bob it's me Scott Brown.

    Nice "Hi Tech Tumbler" Bob! Good race too. You should get down under for a race or two in the next few years, damn place is swimming in Chinese money from profits from the resource boom! You might even find a race that will give you airfares within Australia and accomodation to run in their race.

    Certain you'll get more than a tumbler for the age group win!

  5. It was a Hi TECK tumbler. That's what makes it really unique...