November 28, 2010

Another Dull Week

Week of Nov 22 ~ 28

No running this week, just went to the gym twice. I'll give the calf another week and then try to run.

Went to the Tsukuba Marathon today (an hour+ north of Tokyo) to give out flyers for the LA Marathon, which I am the Japan representative for - promoting it to Japanese runners. I was entered in this race, but of course didn't run.
Well, I picked the right race, at least. It was a perfect day - cool, sunny, no wind, 9:00am start...and a flat course. Too bad. Maybe I'll try it again next year.


  1. Sounds perfect - especially the 9am start. Yes, better luck next year. Are you planning on running LA again?

  2. Hi Ewen. Yes, I will be running LA. March 20th.

  3. Bob that sounds like a nice gig, promoting the LA marathon. Interested to know how that came about and what it entails.

    If you have time blog about it and if it's personal skype me or email again, if you have time.

  4. What about the hot brick? How did that pan out?
    Good luck.