December 5, 2010

The Rock Island Line

Well, there's no running news to report, so I decided to treat you to some good music.
(I didn't run this past week, I'll do a test run tomorrow and am hoping to be pain-free after 8 long weeks.)

So thanks to an unrelated Leadbelly link from former running and blogging legend, now brewing legend, Steve Lacey, I came upon The Rock Island Line, one of the greatest songs ever, which I hadn't heard for years and years.
Here's the Leadbelly original:

Then it got juiced up a bit by Carl Perkins:

And reached full expression by Johnny Cash (this is a remix, but good; you don't have to listen to the last part):

This is also a great version. Little Richard can generate more excitement just sitting in a chair in a studio than most singers can on a big stage:

Hope you enjoyed that. Talk to you next week.


  1. Good stuff Bob! I like Johnny Cash, but I'll vote for Little Richard this time. I think he'd be a sprinter, not a distance man ;)

  2. Yes, all very nice, hard to make a choice. Thanks to you I don't have to.

    Say hello to Mr. Lacey too for me. And tell him his legend only gets greater with the passing of time ;

  3. That's terrific, thanks.

    I like listening to the same song by different artists, and you can never go wrong with Johnny Cash in the mix.