December 19, 2010

Building Back Up

Week of Dec. 13 ~ 19

Plan: 80k
Ran: 77.3k 6:59

4:30 12.3k in Yoyogi Park. 1:07:53 @ 5:31
Felt ok.

10k at the track at night.
400 x 4 x 3 at an easy pace.

3:30 - 15k. 1:21:48 @ 5:27
Calf ok, but quads sore.
Temp: 7C/45F, clear
Weight: 62.4kg

11:00 - weights and core
3:30 - 10k. 56:16. Easy, quads a bit sore.
Temp: 9C/48F, clear
Weight: 62.2kg

3:00 - 15k around the Imperial Palace.
6.5 easy in 35:49 @5:31
5k in the Namban club partner race. You and a partner run 5k without a watch. You each give your estimated time and start separately. My time was 26:30 and my partner's was 25:00, so she started 1:30 behind me. If we both ran exactly the right pace, she would catch me right at the finish line. In fact, she caught me about 150m from the finish. Of course, we both could have been running the wrong pace, but we thought we were pretty close. And we were...we won! There were 10 teams. We were 8 seconds slow. (The two timekeepers did a great job of figuring everything out.)
The race was held before our bonenkai - year-end party, which was at the British Embassy, thanks to a woman in the club who works there.
Then another 3.5k easy.
(I just realized: the Palace is 26m long, so our 5k time was almost correct to the second.)

3:30 - 15k. 1:14:17 @4:57
26:14/24:44/23:19. Last 5k in 4:37/39/42/35/44.
Felt ok and quads were ok (but sore afterwards). Nice to run at a good pace felt all right.
Weather: 9C/48F, 30%, clear
Weight: 62.7 (due to parties Friday and Saturday night)


  1. Great win Bob and good to see your recovery plan working well.

  2. Great to see you are getting back into it.
    Well done on the 5Km win (with un nammed partner).

  3. Congrats on the win and a good build-up week. That's a great concept for a race. I'll talk it around the Vets and see if there's any interest. I guess it would work OK on the track too.

  4. My partner was Taeko - two veterans got the win.
    Ewen - You could do it on a track, but the drawback is that you could always see how far your partner is ahead of you. I think it is more fun when you are out on a 5k course and you're not really sure how close you are getting. Also, you could keep checking how the other teams are doing, which is also not ideal. Could you go out on a loop and then finish on the track?

  5. Hey Bob,
    must be great getting back into it!
    I love the detail you put into your posts, some of which I adhere to, particularly liked
    "Weight: 62.7 (due to parties Friday and Saturday night)"
    Cant wait for Christmas/New Year to be over so I can get back into shape!!

  6. Ah yes. We could start on the track and run a loop. They used to do a 4k 'fun run' starting on the back straight in the '90s.