April 20, 2010

Mostly Short and Quick

Week of April 12 ~ 18

9.4k with kids. About 5k easy, then 10 x 70m hill, hard. Easy back.
Cold and rainy.

7.3k at Fuchu track. 400 x 8
With top 1500m girl. Felt ok once warmed up, but 79s felt harder than last week.
AM: weights and core at gym

Evening at the track. 2k warmup, 1600/1200/1000/800/600/400
Felt ok, ran the first 1500 hard for time (5:28) just to see what I could do. The rest at about 4:00/k pace.

7k with kids in Nogawa park (next to the school).
Relay race: 200/200/400/800 x 2. Ran fairly hard and jogged in between. Didn't have a watch.

Rest. Had to go to Hamamatsu (Yamaha).

15k @ 5:02 1:15:27
Stiff at first, but felt fine after 3k.
Snow in the morning! Track meet cancelled.
Very strange weather. It never snows in April....

20k. Around Imperial Palace with Namban runner James Midgely. He wanted to run the 4 5ks in 25/20/25/20. I ran 25:07/19:00/24:25/23:19. (26m short).
He took off like a shot on the second 5k, I worked hard to follow. Followed for 3k, then eased up a bit. All in at the end, did not plan on running that fast. He also took off on the 4th, but I was content to cruise around on my tired legs in 23+.
Pretty hard run, considering I will run hills on Monday and 400s on Tuesday.
LOTS of people running around the Palace. The Japanese running boom is not subsiding.

Total for week: 67.7k 5:44 (only 67, but 5 "hard" workouts)


  1. "Mostly Short and Quick" Sounds like my love making of late! But I digress..

    Did you hear anything about Mr. Hosaka's run in Boston? Not as he would have liked, I expect?

  2. Hi Scott. No, I didn't get any details about it and Brett had not heard either. He really faded the last 10k (running slower than I did at LA!). The guy who beat him (in 2:51) is the top US 60 year old, I see his results often...always under 3:00.

  3. 200ks a week and you have time for X-training Scott? Not a good race from Hosaka. I wonder what happened?

    Good workouts in that week Bob. You should try an all-out 1500 one day - I think you'd go much quicker than 5:28.

  4. I forgot to say we've had very strange weather for April here too. Over 20C after 6pm is unseasonably warm.