April 12, 2010

Getting Back Into it

Week of April 5 ~ 11
A few good workouts. Not trying to put in mileage, just focusing on running with the American School kids 2 or 3 days a week and doing some speed work.

18.7k 1:36:37
5.5k to ASIJ in 30:51 @5:36
.9k warmup with kids
4.1 in 16:31 @4:00
Hill sprints (8 x 70m hill)
1k back to school, then 5.5k home @5:27

At 300m Fuchu track with kids.
3.6 @ 5:24
400 x 6 76/76/78/76/77/76 (100m slow walk in between). First 2 behind the boys, who are too fast, last 4 with top 1500/3000m girl (Arisa). Last 2 were hard. Fun workout. 2.4k warmdown
Weather turned warm at 18C/64F
AM - weights & core & 10 mins on elliptical trainer

Track workout in the evening
3k warmup, 100m x 6
4:07/01/07/02/03/3:59 (jog 200m, 2:30)
Pace not hard, but didn't want to go any faster.
Got cold again - 10C/50F and light rain.

10k @5:14 Easy

20k @4:52
26:23/25:04/23:11/22:37 @5:17/00/4:39/31
Last 2k 4:21/23
Legs a bit stiff, not smooth and easy
Time: 4:30
Temp: 14C/57F

Rest, went to ASIJ track meet. Good 1500 by Arisa, 5:17 and she beat Izzy, a strong runner from Sacred Heart.

12k @5:17. Easy - felt ok.

Total for week: 80.7k/50 mi.) 6:57


  1. That's an impressive set of 400's Bob. I thought you'd take it easy the day after -easy/hard principle and all that.

  2. Nice video Bob,

    I can see it now! Certainly shows what it's all about.

  3. That's getting back into it Bob. Nice 400s. What would you be racing 1500 in? I'm thinking something under 5 minutes.

    The Origami video was amazing. I wish Asics were still called Tigers. My first pair of spikes were Tigers.