April 5, 2010

Easy Week and Cherry Blossom Viewing

Week of Mar 29 ~ Apr 4

After not running at all the week after the LA Marathon, I got back into it with an easy week of 45.5k.
Sunday I went to the big park 5 minutes from my house, which is famous for cherry trees. The cherry blossoms were full and a few thousand people were having fun doing "hanami", literally flower viewing but in fact it means picnicing/drinking while sitting under the cherry trees. Something that every person in Japan, Japanese and foreigner alike, enjoys doing. Took a video with my new iPhone. I guess I have to practice so I can do this with less bouncing, the way Scott and Ewen do it. Fortunately, it got too crowded to run. Anyway, it gives you a rough idea of what Hanami in Japan is like.

7.5k @5:28.
Planned 10, but quads were a bit sore after 5, so cut it short. Felt ok, though.

6.5k At Fuchu track (300m) with ASIJ kids (with two top distance girls, actually).
600/400/300 x 3
2:16/86/63 2:13/86/60 2:21/84/57
Not hard, but had to work a little.
AM: weights and core in gym

5,000m time trial at the track at night
18:54 3:44/50/48/50/42
Felt pretty good. Legs were ok, slightly tired. Did I run a marathon 10 days ago?

Rest - calves a bit sore.

Cold rain. 2k on treadmill at the gym. I hate running on treadmills, so got off after 2k. No time to run outside, but some more rest is ok.
Weights and core.

12k @5:16 Easy at 10:00am. Felt ok.

9.5k @5:30 (walking part not included). Easy in park with iPhone.

Here's the video:


  1. I've missed a few of your posts but I have to say I like your enthusiasm from your "Time to get serious" post. Just got done with a good marathon and now you are ready for another. I remember back when you weren't so sure you wanted to do Nagano in 2006.

  2. Glad you got the video up Bob but it's not coming thru! Don't give up I want to see this and others. I don't know why this one isn't working otherwise I'd offer some help.

  3. I changed the setting from private to public so it is viewable now.

  4. How cool Bob. I'm of Japanese heritage, but have never been to Japan. You're making me want to change that....

  5. It's neat to see where you run Bob - one or two more people than I usually see down at Calwell ;) If I visited this time of the year, think I'd head straight for the beer and dumpling tent and give the running a miss!