April 26, 2010

Hamstring Issue

Week of April 19 ~25

6k. 24 mins. fairly easy with the kids, then 70m hill x 10, "sprinting" up.

4.8k At the Fuchu 300m track. 400 x 6. 80/81/81/81/81/81 (100m slow walk in between).
Rain and cold (abt. 13C/55F but felt colder). With 3000/1500m girl runner Arisa. Kind of funny...kept trying to pick up each one, and each one was the same 81. Arisa and I just didn't have it to go fast today.
Due to the accumulation of the 19:00 5k (in the middle of a 20k run) on Sunday, hills on Monday and 400s today, my right hamstring was sore at the end of the workout. Actually, I think the hills yesterday was the mistake.
AM: weights and core at the gym.

8.4 at the track in the evening.
4:30/2:35/4:27/2:26/4:21/2:36/1:44 (200 jog after each)
Right hamstring a bit sore, so took it very easy. Fortunately, it was ok.

Rest. Rt hamstring sore. Also cold rainy day.


Hamstring sore early morning, but not in the afternoon.

18.2. Easy run with 6 Namban Rengo members.
1:42:30. Out 52:30, In 50:00. @5:46/5:30.
On dirt and asphalt path of Tamagawa Josui (old Edo watercourse).
Right hamstring slightly sore, but not bad and did not get any worse.
Actually, with a hamstring problem, rest does not seem to help. I have had this experience before. Easy running is better, although 18k is too long.

Total for week: 37.4k 3:34


  1. Becareful Bob. I have had hammy problems for two years now which I have been unable to shake. (now I am onto Achilles injuries). I have kept running and shortened my stride lenght. Not that easy to run fast but as you said easy running.400m reps may NOT be the way to go

  2. I'll second the easy running idea for a sore hammy Bob. Then strengthening exercises once it stops hurting if you're up for that.

    I'd say you're right about the hill sprints being the cause. Might be worth starting with 4 or 5 repeats and adding 1 a week.

  3. Looks like you have everything under control Bob. I thought hill sprints would help prevent injury.

    I did 6 x 400m last night in similar times - a long time since I did 400's and I felt it.