April 20, 2009

Nice week

Continuing my enjoyable 50km (30 mile) weeks, the past one was 48.1k:

Mon: 7.9k with ASIJ 3000m girl Wynn Callon in 39:30. The last 16 mins. was at a good pace, about 4:30 per k.

Tues: AM - X-trng (weights, a few minutes of steps and 20 mins on bike).
PM - 5.4k of good track workout with girl distance runners.
300 x 3 in 62, 59, 55 (1 min. jog then 6 min after 3rd)
600 x 2 in 2:05, 2:09 (4 and 6 min jog)
300 x 2 in 58, 57 (1 min)
This was in the rain, which was hard at times. So that was fun.
Then 4 laps of jogging straights and running turns, but I started to cramp in the left calf, so stopped. Had been running up on the balls of my feet, seems to happen every time. Have to build up the calf muscles.

Wed: Trip to Shiojiri in Nagano pref. (Epson HQ) so no time to run.

Thurs: 10k in 54:54 (27:31, 26:22) at 7:30 am due to trip to Hamamatsu (Yamaha).

Fri: 15k in 1:12:51 (26:25, 24:36, 21:49). Felt good after halfway, cruising at a good pace. Last 2k were 4:18 and 4:15. Up on front of feet. Cool and misty at 3:00.

Sat: ASIJ track meet. Sam Krauth ran 2:01 and 4:11 (1500m). Jennifer Stolle ran 2:25 and 5:10. Pretty good times. 

Sun: 10k in 52:55 (28:26, 24:29). Pretty easy. 22° at 4:30 and weight down to 61.6 from 62.6 a week ago, so feeling better. I'll feel better yet at 60.6.


  1. good morning bob...from salt lake city. waiting to watch the live online coverage of boston marathon before heading home. thanks for your comments on my blog. i'm liking the nice round "30" number...think i'm going to try and step up my training to 30 a week. thanks for the inspiration. cheers. btw...my goon squad name was made official this morning....whacko! how about that. cheers.

  2. Wynn and her family live in my neck of the woods. She and her dad came to Namban a few times, but I haven't bumped into them in a while. Glad you are kicking back a bit and just enjoying your running at the moment.

  3. Bob, I feel a kind of nostalgia when reading your blog - you run the track sessions I used to in my late 30s.

    Good times from the kids - our best girls are around that. Best boy is around 1:55.

    With the trail races, if you like racing, get up the front and go hard at the start - then there are no elephant queue problems ;)

  4. Ewen: But there are still hills! Lots of hills....