April 27, 2009

More Speed

More speed workouts this week, although not really hard ones.

Mon: 8.7k with the kids. Last 4k at about 4:40 pace.

Tues: 7.5k at 300m track. 600m x 4 in 2:11/16/20/18 (300m jog in bet.) with 3000m girl runner.
300m x 4 in 58/57/56/57 (2-3 min. jog in bet.).
This was in the rain. 18°.

Wed: 6k. Evening track workout. 800 warmup in 3:15, then 1200/400/1200/400/1200/400 in 4:32 / 80 / 4:32 / 81 / 4:28 / 82 (1,2,2 mins. after 1200s, 3 mins. after 400s). 4:32 is a 3:45 1000m, so not so slow. Felt very comfortable.

Thurs: 6k. Again at 300m track. 900/600/900/600/300 in 3:18/2:07/3:30/2:07/56 (3-5 mins. in bet.) again running with the girls (Arisa and Emiri).

Fri: 10.7k. 10k in 48:30 - 27:14, 21:16 (4:25/28/9/11/2). Doing the midfoot-landing running style, which I like. Pushed a bit, but felt fairly comfortable. Nice to run 3:00 MP and feel that good after four kind of leg-stressing days.

Sat: Cold rain. Track meet cancelled.

Sun: 10k. 51:31 (26:51, 24:40). Easy, felt ok. Weight down to 60.8! (Was 62.6 two weeks ago.)
Will go a bit harder tomorrow, but easy tuesday, because I want to do a decent 5,000m time trial on Wednesday night.
48.9k week.


  1. Interesting speedwork sessions Bob. I might try a few down here. Good work dropping that weight too. Do you remember what kind of weight you were when you ran 2:44:48 ( at age 37)?

  2. Well, I am really only doing those sessions because I am running with the HS kids. Ordinarily I would just do one track session a week, something like 6 x 1000m.
    I was not recording my weight back then, but I think it was between 60 and 61. I rarely weighed less than 60kg.
    Nice 10k, by the way.

  3. I hope the 5k time-trial went well Bob.

    Regarding Eagle's run... I do know him personally, although I didn't get to chat to him after Canberra. He started quicker than that, although I don't think he was ever on 3 hour pace.

    He wrote a little about the run on Coolrunning:

    "I am fitter than 3.17 and should have run quicker. I think the emotion of the day was a factor. Also I wanted to run in the moment and absorb the whole of the marathon experience on the day and so despite saying to my self often during the run that I was focused on running hard I don't think I was.
    Yes was hoping for an expecting to be much closer to 3 hours but ...... However without making excuses my goal marathon this year is Gold Coast for my first run as a 60+."

  4. Thanks, Ewen. Glad to know it was not due to injury. But yes, considering his training, he definitely should have (well, could have) been down around 3 hours.
    My time trial was pretty good. Wanted to run 18:45 and ran 18:56, but was satisfied with that.