April 12, 2009

Having fun...

I listed up my weekly mileage for the 18 weeks before Napa Valley and also for the 18 weeks before last year's Tokyo marathon. Listing it up like that, I could see at a glance how little I had run, compared with Pfitzinger's middle level program, or even the low level one. Almost laughable. I was not really doing marathon training. Not surprising I could not run a 3:00 or even 3:05 marathon. It also showed me that I need a structured program with daily workouts. Which is what I had decided, so I am looking forward to that in a few months.

I am not in a serious training mode, so just having fun doing relatively easy runs along with workouts with the ASIJ kids.

Sunday 5th: Sakura Onsen run with 8 people, which turned out to be 24k at 5:54/k pace. Easy but my legs were getting sore at the end. Still not 100% recovered from the marathon.

Monday 6th: 5.1k (about) fairly hard with kids in 20:57. Felt heavy (I am heavy). Then another 4.6k easy, looking for two kids who got lost (they found their own way back).

Tuesday 7th: AM at gym. PM at 300m track. 50m x 2, 300, 400 x 2, 300 - all at moderate pace. 1500 in 6:05.
Wore the Newtons, calf started to cramp after 400s, so switched to ordinary shoes. Dummy! No sense wearing them until June, when I will be running at a fairly easy pace most days. I will start doing parts of runs with forefoot running style, though, to get used to it.

Wednesday 8th: Track workout. 600/1000/800/1200/800/1200/800. First 3 about 4:08/k pace, last 4 about 4:00. Calves were sore when walking, but ok when running (?).

Thursday 9th: At 300m track. 300 x 5, moderate pace.

Friday 10th: AM at gym. PM 15k in 1:15:01 (25:51, 25:37, 23:32). Legs a bit sore, but not bad. Forefoot running last 5k.

Saturday 10th: Off, ASIJ track meet. Our star distance runner, Sam Krauth (a junior) ran a 4:15 1500 (68 per 400m) and a 2:01 800. Good start to the season. There were some great races, in which our kids outkicked opponents for the win, with the entire team and fans going wild. I love high school track.

Sunday 11th: 10k in 57:54, nice easy run.
Still not losing weight! I have to lose some to be able to run with these kids.

It has been a great week weather-wise, at least 20° (70°F) every day. And with no rain and little wind, the cherry blossoms stayed out a long time...you can still see some today.


  1. Wow! You are soooooo fast! Seriously impressive! You totally rocked it at Napa, too. Thank you for leaving me a nice comment on my blog. Been meaning to come over and say hi! Oh also, I really want to try out those Newton shoes! :-)

  2. Hey Bob

    Raining in osaka today but we've also had great spring weather of late. I wanted to ask a few things . What is "ASIJ" and did you buy your "Newton" shoes here in Japan? I haven't seen any down here.

    By the way I was reading your blog and noted you have a very impressive racing record. I was just interested to know, had you done any running prior to 34, or were you active in other sports?

    Enjoy the spring weather, I felt the humidity yesterday morning for the first time so it won't be long before that makes things a little more difficult for running.

  3. Bob,
    Thanks for dropping in on my Blogg and your positive comments. Having the doubts is just being honest with myself but I assure you I have not come this far to not give 3 a real try. I guess a failure at 3.10 or so is not that bad.

  4. Scott,
    ASIJ is the American School in Japan, the largest international school in Tokyo (well, in Japan). They compete against other international schools and the military base schools. My daughter graduated from there in '99 but I still run with the teams.
    I got the Newtons in the states, but they are beginning to be sold in Japan. Art Sports in Tokyo has them (don't know if they have a branch in Osaka). Ask the distributor, Mike Trees, at trees_mike@hotmail.com. He also has a very good blog at www.triathlonconsultants/london-marathon-blog.htm
    I ran in high school and two years of college. Did not run seriously from age 21 to 34 (too bad!).

  5. Thanks for the advice! Seems like I should pick your brain when I am going for a PR! Right now I am definitely erring on the side of caution and lower mileage this week.

    Funny you should mention it, I've actually gone on a run with Michael. We met through a mutual blogger friend who organized a group run!

    You must be super fast to think a 3:05 was slow :) Will be sure to stop by often.

  6. Having fun sounds like a good idea before the seriousness of marathon training begins.

    Running with kids makes you feel young eh? That is until you have to bust a gut to keep up with them on warm-up runs ;)

  7. Yes, it gets a little more gut-busting each year. Well, at least I can still run with the girls.

  8. I just read your intro - that was me up to this year (minus the speedy times). Your training is amazing! Ana-Maria

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