May 4, 2009

Time trial: not bad, not good

The only notable running this week was the Wednesday night time trial.

Mon: 7.1k. 1600 warmup, 300m hill (600m recovery) x 3, run up stairs (103 steps) x 6, 1600m back at good pace.

Tues: AM —  Xtrng (abs, weights, bike 10', treadml wlkng 15'). 
PM — 4.4k. 400 x 8 in 90-94" last in 88". With Wynne.

Wed: 9k. 2000m warmup, strtchng, 800m.
5,000m in 18:56 (3:48/51/47/50/39). Wanted to run 18:45 (3:45 pace), but this was ok. After first lap, was alone all the way. Felt ok, kept pushing, last k was good. Midfoot running felt pretty good. 
I consider 18:56 to be slow, but since I haven't done 5k/10k training for more than a year, I guess it is ok. Last year I did not run ANY 5k time trials.
Cool evening, about 14°. Weight: 61.0kg. Shoes fairly light 240g.

Thurs: 6.9k. 2100 warmup. 400 x 4 (91/88/87/86), 300 x 4 (abt. 65), 200 x 4 (fairly fast). With Wynne, felt ok. Very warm at about 23°.

Fri: AM — X-trng (wts, abs, bike 10').
12:30 — 15k. 27:41, 26:02, 24:41. Legs felt tired due to last two days and weights at 10:30. Worked a bit to run 5:00 pace last 5k.

Sat: TELL Charity Runathon around the Imperial Palace, which I help organize. Big success, had more than 1,000 people. Beautiful weather.

Sun: 12k. 1k warmup in 5:30. 10k in 23:45, 21:49. 1k warmdown in 5:45.
Felt ok after 1k and better after next k, so realized I could run a decently paced 10k. Planned to pick up second 5k. Midfoot striking with more forward lean on second 5k. Tired a bit the last k. Not bad for running at 12:00, after a big protein banana milkshake at 9:30 and heavy shoes.
Wanted to do a good run so I can go easy on Monday and Tuesday, as I am running in an ekiden (only 3k but requires some speed) on Wednesday (national holiday).
22°. Wt: 61.1. Shoes: 430g.
Week: 54.4k