May 31, 2009

A Decent Time Trial

Plan for week: 70k. Ran: 61.4k
Cut down the Friday and Saturday runs because my left calf was sore.
Applied for the Santa Barbara Marathon (Dec. 6).

Mon: Rest
Tues: AM - Xtrng (wts, bike 15 mins., abs)
4:00 - 9.8k very easy in 61:00. Legs very stiff from Sunday, right knee a bit sore, left calf got tight at 6k and was hurting at 9.8k, so stopped.

Wed: 5,000m time trial in 18:40 (3:44, 46, 43, 44, 43)
Wanted to run 18:45, so was happy with this. Calf was slightly sore, but did not get more sore during the run. (Went to the kinesio taping place before the run.) This was with the club, and I had several people to follow, especially in the last 2k, which was helpful. Nice that I didn't slow down.
Time: 7:30pm. Temp: abt 17°. Shoes: lt. wt. 250g. Weight: 60.5kg

Thurs: 10k slowly in 60:00. Calf a bit sore, legs stiff and tired.

Fri: 10k slowly in 58:27. Calf and rt knee sore, so cut run from 15k to 10k.

Sat: 3:00 - X-trng (wts and abs). Then 7k in 38:50. Felt better than yesterday, but had two sharp twinges in calf, so only ran 7k.

Sun: 17.4k on Ome trail in 1:57:53 (Out: 1:05:34; In: 52:19; 7-8 min. rest in the middle).
Nice run. Took it easier than last week going out, back in at a decent pace with Anthony, Rie and a Swedish guy from Seoul named Axel (Taeko and Geraldine also ran). Calf was ok.
Fortunately, it was not hot (20°) and the rain held off until we finished.
Even going slowly, this is a great run for the lungs and legs. I should say run/climb, because sometimes you really have to work to get up the side of a hill. As a result, it's very satisfying: After I finish, I can always say, "I worked harder today than any of my future competitors did."


  1. Good time for the 5km. Well done.
    You time your Km times I note. I am recording my lap times (400m) when I run 5Km on the track which I am finding useful in determining when I am slacking off.

  2. Nice time and pacing for the 5000. Plenty of speed there for a sub-3 (you're way faster than poor old Steve Lacey, and he's only running 3000)!

    The Sunday run sounds like a good Lydiard-style course. Hopefully the calf will settle down this week.

  3. thanks for your comments on my blog re: san diego. it was a hoot. pleased that you signed up for santa barbara...looking forward to meeting up, maybe even for lunch or dinner. talk care of that calf. cheers.