September 27, 2015

Good Week, No Problems

Week of Sept 21 ~ 27
61km / 38 mi

3:30 - 12k with 4k easy warmup, 8k tempo run in 34:51 @4:21.5.
Felt good after warmup and stretching. Upped the run from previous 6k to 8k. Pace not a problem. 26C but felt cool due to lower humidity - nice day for running.
45%, dew point 14C/57F. Steve Lacey told me that dew point is more important than humidity, as to how it affects you. DP of 16C/60F ~ 21C/70F is uncomfortable. Now I have to remember to check it on my iPhone, which I probably won't.

No run, gym workout.

7:30pm - club track workout 1000 x 4, 800 x 2, 400
10.6k with 3.8k warmup
3:49/44/47/46 3:13/19 89
Felt pretty good. All 1000s under 3:50 was good. Calf got tight at end of 4th, so cruised 800s and 400.

3:30 - 7.4k inc. 400 x 10 with junior varsity girls, all about 1:40, last two faster.
Basically, an easy day.

Cool, rainy day so ran inside the gym on the treadmill, 5k. God, I hate running on treadmills, don't know how anyone does it. Sweating like mad after 15 minutes, despite not going very fast, although it feels faster, which is annoying. Should have run out in the rain.
Usual weights and abs.

3:00 - 12k with 6k easy warmup, 250m hill x 10, 1k home.
Ran the hills quite well, faster than previous outings.
23C/73F, 75%, DP 19C/66F

2:30 - 14k at an easy pace.
24C/75F, nice day.


  1. Back to your best? Some nice fast splits there on Wednesday Bob. That whole session looks like one very long intermittent tempo run! I Googled dew point vs. RH hoping to add something insightful ... I now have a headache!

  2. Good week Bob. I'm lucky with my treadmill that I have the iFit module, so I can be looking at scenery around the world on the laptop screen while running. Know what you mean about it feeling faster - I think part of that is the stress at higher speeds (not wanting to have an accident). I find the treadmill though, is great for running strides or short hill repeats at a set speed.