October 4, 2015

5K Time Comes Down Again

Week of Sept 28 ~ Oct 4
55.8km / 34.6 mi.

Well, it came down slightly: 19:40 from 19:53 last month. But progress is being made....

3:30 - 10k including 3.2k tempo with sophomore Emma Wingfield-Hayes. Two miles in 6:44, 6:47 on a cross-country type route with one small hill. 4:12/k
Short tempo run as I have the 5,000m TT on wed.
28C/82F, 70%, DP20

Complete rest

7:30pm - 11.8k with 5.8k warmup, 5,000 time trial.
19:40 with splits of 3:56/57/57/56/54.
Felt good - running alone after 1,000m, but held pace nicely.
19:40 seems like a slow time to me, but it felt fast when I was running. Does this mean I'm getting old?..impossible!
21C/70F. 55%, DP12. Nice night for running.


1:00 - Gym workout
3:30 - 5k easy with the whole x-c team, then 400m x 10 by myself in the park next to the school (we have measured routes in the park). The 400m has a slight up/down grade in it.
93/89/89/89/91/90/91/89/87. Felt fine.
26C/79F, 46%, DP15

3:30 - 10k easy, a bit under 6:00/k. However, I worked outside the house cutting, cleaning, etc. before the run for about 3 hours doing A LOT of bending, squatting, lifting (moving rocks).

3:00 - 14k easy and again worked for about 3 hours. As a result, quads were sore at the end of the run. The outside of our house looks nice, though.

10K race next Sunday. Ran this race last year in 38:51 for 3rd in the 60s, after which my hamstring problems started because I tried to run hard too soon afterwards. Don't think I can go that fast, but hope to have a decent run.

Congratulations to the Aussies among us! I watched the match - trying to learn to love rugby.

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