September 13, 2015

Coming Back

This trick knee or whatever it is had been bothering me, so after a good track workout on wednesday of last week I decided to take four days off.
Did an easy run on Monday and everything was fine, but then we had two days of torrential rain, so took those days off also.
Did 6 x 800 at about 3 minutes with the cross country girls on thursday, so that was a decent workout, and nothing hurt or twinged. Then did easy runs friday, saturday and today.
I'll try a tempo run tomorrow and hopefully will be back to my normal training week.

Was supposed to have a 10K race today, which would have been only semi-serious, but it was cancelled due to all the rain! It was to be on a path next to the Tama river, but the river swelled to about twice normal size this past week and even though it's down now, I'm sure that the dirt path and that whole area is still completely waterlogged.
You may have seen images of the floods further north. This was not that bad, but everywhere in Japan got a lot of rain. The whole last four weeks have been cool and rainy - a far cry from the usual heat at this time of year.

Next race is a good 10K on Oct. 11. Will also try a multi-club 5,000m time trial this thursday night.

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  1. Yes, must have been wet up your way as the floods have made the news down here. Hope the injury is behind you and the 5k goes well.