October 26, 2014

Managed an Easy 10K

Week of Oct. 20 ~ 26

Rested Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, as the hamstring was still sore. Then Harrisson, the Frenchman who knows everything about everything, or at least everything about everything that he is interested in (obsessive knowledge-gatherer, in a good way), told me I should be doing "active recovery," explaining to me how the muscle fibers in my leg work.

So I jogged a bit on Thursday, 6k on Friday, a bit on Saturday and then did 10k on today at the Namban Rengo 10K, Half and barbecue. Did it in 50:03, so 5:00 per k, which is better than a jog but certainly not a quick pace. It was a bit sore, but didn't get worse, so that was good.

I thought I should stretch it a bit at the halfway point, but that was a mistake - made it feel worse.

It did feel somewhat more sore afterwards, but not really in the hamstring - more like the lower butt/glute, which is where I originally thought it was. So I guess it's not actually a strained hamstring, which seems to be a good thing, but it doesn't really matter, I just need it to get better fairly soon, as I have a Half on Nov. 16th, which is my main Fall race. 3 weeks away, so hopefully it will be ok by then.

At any rate I was actively recovering today, I hope.

By the way, it was a beautiful day, about 26° - too hot for some, but I prefer the heat. We had 80 people out for the club event, held along the wide bank of the Tama river in the southern part of Tokyo. Both the races and BBQ were great fun, and I drank a lot of Australian wine and ate a huge amount of food (we even threw some shrimp on the barbie, mate, as Paul Hogan used to say).


  1. Hey Bob
    IMHO, I think you can incorporate the strength exercise the "the bridge" that you have us doing on wednesday night, the single leg version (both legs). I believe it can help as well.
    Best luck for your recovery.


    PS: Pat told me you mentionned me in your blog :)
    Tkx for the compliments lol

  2. Also, for the running part, I think a guideline is about 20% to 30% to your training load pre-injury.


  3. Haha....Paul Hogan was the only Aussie ever to say that. And he only said " shrimp" because you Americans would not understand what a ' snag ' is. :-)
    Hope your hammy is better soon.

  4. Faced up to my own demons this past week. I read that depending on the injury the recommendation these days is to engage in a low intensity (active) recovery regime rather than total rest. Worked for me.

  5. No, I don't know "snag". Thought you guys said "prawn."
    Anyway, that was a great campaign, and I'm sure it actually did bring Americans to Oz.
    Thanks for the advice - it didn't feel too bad today.

  6. Yeah, you threw prawns on the barbie Bob! Can't beat Aussie wine (unless it's Aussie beer).
    Hope the active recovery continues to do the trick. Good to hear 5-minute ks are better than a jog - they're my tempo pace!