October 20, 2014

Hammy Niggle

Week of Oct. 13 ~ 19

That's right, 13km. I rested for two days after Sunday's 10K race, then assuming all was fine, went out for the club interval workout Wednesday night. Ha ha, no, we do not do intervals as the first workout after a race! Said my hamstring to me, as it became painful on the second interval. Hey, I wasn't even going that fast, but...too fast, obviously. So I jogged a few 400s, which was also a mistake, should have just shut it down completely.

Anyway, rested Thursday and Friday, then ran an easy 8k on Saturday, but only because an old friend was visiting from the states and wanted to do a run and dinner. Fortunately, he's no gazelle and was content to jog around slowly. Hammy was slightly sore, but not bad and didn't get any worse.

Now I'm just resting until it gets completely better, another day or two or whatever.

Have a club 10K run next Sunday, so I hope to be ready for a good run there. Then my main race is a Half on Nov. 16th, which I WILL be ready for.

So kiddies, today's lesson is: always be even more cautious than you think is necessary.

Until next week....