September 22, 2013

Finally a 90K Week

Week of Sept. 16 ~ 22
90km / 56 mi.

90k is my training program goal, and I finally achieved it this week. Ran every workout the way I was supposed to, but was damn tired today.
Shifted the first two-a-day from Thursday to Friday. Realized I can't run in the morning after the wednesday night workout. And rather than 8/8, 12/12, will run 8/12, 8/12, which makes more sense.

4:00 - No school, so did a tempo run on my own.
12k with 6k very easy. Felt very stiff and sluggish, but after stretching, striders and psyching myself up, felt fine from the start of the second 6k. Which was run in 25:47 @4:18/m
Weather: 27C/81F, 65%
Weight: 57.7kg

Note: I often feel horrible warming up, then fine once I start the meat of the workout. I think this is as much or more psychological as it is physical - the mind is just primed to "go" once the real running starts. Do others have this same experience?

Rest. Gym workout.

7:30pm - track closed so ran in Yoyogi Park.
1000m x 6. 3:49/46/47/52/50/40 (2:50 jog/walk).
Felt pretty good but it seems harder to run in the park than on the track. The last one was strange - didn't feel like I picked it up, but that's what the watch said.
Weather: cool, low humidity
Weight: 57.3kg (56.9 before running)

3:30 - 1.4k then 1.6k easy with kids. Didn't do the hill workout.
3k x 3 alone in Nogawa park @ 5:39/32/20/k.
Felt so-so on 1st, ok on 2nd and good on 3rd.
Weather: 26C/79F, 30%
Weight: 57.3kg

Gym-type workout (the actual gym is closed for 3 weeks due to some sports festival).
11:00 - 8k very easy
4:00 - 12k easy at 5:57/k

3:45 - 14k with 4k warmup, 3k x 3, 1k warmdown.
3ks in 12:35 (4:03/22/10), 12:39 (4:12/15/12), 12:21 (4:05/14/02)
(4 mins walk in between)
Felt pretty good. Much faster than the last two weeks. Getting into shape, less humidity, lighter weight.
Weather: 28C/82F, 40%
Weight: 57.4

10:30 - 8k very easy.
3:45 - 12k very easy. Stiff and tired both runs, although a bit better in the afternoon. Still, I kind of had to will myself through the 12k.
Weather: 27C/81F, 40% both times.
Weight: 57.3kg

Next week: A half marathon on Sunday. This is a good race, one that I like a lot, although it has always been hot in the past. Doing it mainly as a test of fitness. My goal half is in November.
No school on Monday, so will take a much needed rest day, then do a tempo run on Tuesday and an easy 5,000m time trial on wednesday. Then easy until Sunday.
I'll carbo load on Saturday. 57kg may be too light to race a half at. Veins are popping out on my arms and legs because I have no flesh.


  1. Good week, Bob. It looks like 26C on Sunday. On my favourite racing temperature.

  2. great to see the volume returning. enjoy the race at the weekend and run strong

  3. I hate warming up. In fact I don't do it at all. I pay for it every run for the first 7k (always 7k) when everything below the knees hurts just a little. Thereafter I'm fine. I so need to do things differently. That's a big week. Bet you enjoyed your day off or did you squeeze in a sneaky 5k. I'll be looking forward to your race report to see how you got on at that weight. Good luck.

  4. Hope the half went/goes well Bob. Good mileage and workouts - I like the 3 x 3k one.

    I'm the same re warming up. Sometimes have felt awful in the warm-up and raced well so now I pretty much ignore the warm-up as a predictor. Some strides and light drills usually bring the legs around. Good feeling warm-ups for me though usually DO predict a good race.