September 8, 2013

Ok for Quality, Not Distance

Week of Sept. 2 ~ 8
76.6km / 47.6 mi.

Not achieving my target of 90km per week. It seems that doing three hard workouts per week does not leave me enough energy to run twice a day on Thursday and Sunday. Which is ok, I suppose....

3:30 with X-country team - 11.6km. 1.6 + 1 warmup.
3 mile tempo run with two junior varsity boy runners at 7:24/mile (4:38/k) on dirt course with one hill, and one more mile in 7:16. Nice, comfortable pace on the tempo run. (This day should actually be a harder tempo run.)
Weather: 30C/86F, 60%
Weight: 58.6kg

Gym workout

17k (5 + 12)
11:30 - Despite my "no two-a-days", I did go out for an easy 5k, having rested Tuesday.
7:30 - club track workout of 1000m x 6.
3:55/50/49/50/53/51 (200m jog in 2:30, 3:50 after 4th)
Quite warm and very muggy, so this was not a bad workout. Had several guys to run with and worked hard.
Weight: 57.9kg

4:00 with X-country team - 14k.
1.5 easy, then up and down 80m hill for 4,3,2,1 minute with 1 minute rests.
1.5k easy, then 9k at about 6:00/k
Weather: 28C/82F, humid
Weight: 57.8kg

12:00 - 12k easy.

3:30 - 14k. 4k warmup, 3k x 3 in 13:51, 14:04, 14:07 (5 min walk).
Planned to run this pace (about 4:40/k) - nice "cruise interval" pace.
Weather: 28C/82F, not humid, so felt cool.
Weight: 58.4kg

11:00 - 8k at very easy pace. Strange - felt very weak after 3k and walked 3 times. Decided to walk home after 4k, but 1k from home started jogging and then felt ok, so ran 4k at a normal easy pace.
But didn't feel up to going out again in the afternoon.
Weather: 26C/79F, but 90% humidity.
Weight: 57.3kg - maybe this is too low....


  1. That's a good week. It looked like you had gotten over your mishap by Wednesday.

  2. Mileage is OK if you're not aiming to race marathons. Yes, don't go crazy with the weight - could be losing some strength there. Congrats on the Olympics by the way. Should be great for running over there in the lead-up - you'll have 300 people on the track for your interval sessions.

  3. Hey Bob. You dropped over a kg from Saturday to Sunday. Was that as a result of running 14k on Saturday in 28C? I'm starting to develop a weight complex looking at your numbers!