March 17, 2013

One Month to Boston!

These marathons always come up too fast! I need two more months!

Found out my Boston number, which is 5837, first wave. There are 3 waves of 9000, 20 minutes apart. The cutoff time for the first wave is 3:18 — 9000 runners under 3:18! That's Boston.... (2nd wave is 3:43.)

Week of Mar. 11 ~ 17
83.4km / 52 mi.


11:30 - Gym workout.
2:00 - 19.4k, total running 1:39.
Easy 5.5k to school, long rest, 3.3k at decent pace inside the cemetery to a very hilly loop, which is about 1k. 3 non-stop loops in 4:27/35/39 trying and failing to stay with most of the boys. 2.1k back to school at a good pace, continuing on 5.5k home in 25:14 @4:35. Good, hard workout.
Weather: 14C/57F, sunny
Weight: 60.6kg

3:30 - ASIJ team practice cancelled due to high winds. Didn't bother me - I ran an easy 8k.
7:30 - club track workout - 1600/1200/1000/1000/800/400.
7:01/5:05/4:06/4:02/3:19/96 (jog 2' + walk 1' or 2').
Quads sore at first, but felt ok on the 1000s.
Weight: 60.2kg


11:30 - Gym workout.
2:15 - 25k Killer hill workout. Total time 2:10. 8.5k warmup @5:33, 8 x 500m up/down with 5 hard up, 2 hard down, last one hard up and down, continue on 8.5k @4:58. Had to kick to get last 5k under 25:00. Into steady wind coming back. Legs very tired and quads sore. Need to cut back a bit.
Weather: 13C/55F, sunny but felt cooler due to wind.
Weight: 61.1kg (inching up- need to lose some).


3:00 - 20k (rather than 25 or 30) with last 15k at "marathon pace."
This went pretty well, legs felt ok - much better than Friday. Averaged 4:25.6/k for the 15k, with the last 10k into the wind.
Weather: 16C/61F, 35%, sunny.
Weight: 60.8kg


  1. Nice bit of running Sunday. Good luck.

  2. At least you're in no danger of peaking too early! You can always go round again 6 weeks later, Kawauchi-style.

    9000 sub 3:18 is incredible. I'd barely break into that wave at my youthful best.