March 10, 2013

Another Good Week

Week of Mar. 4 ~ 10

87.6 km / 54.4 mi.


11:30 - Gym workout.
2:30 - 22k.
Easy 5.5k to American School (track season starts today).
Long rest, then 11k run which I thought would go out at 5:00/k and back at 4:30, but which was much faster. The varsity boys are already in shape, or maybe they're always in shape. Started at 5:00, but quickly went to 4:30 and then faster. First 5k 22:48 @4:33. Then 500m more out and back, then 5k in 21:51 @4:22. That was with the 4th boy - 3 others were far ahead.
Then kept right on going 5.5k home in 25:43 @4:40. So a good 16.5k run.
Weather: 12C/54F, sunny
Weight: 60.6kg

7:30pm - 10.6k.  track workout 1000 x 6.
4:02/3:47/49/48/49/48. Good! Fastest 1000s in a very long time. Quads were not at all sore. Knee was sore for the first one only. Had people to follow.
Weather: 12C/54F
Weight: 60.1kg


11:30 - gym workout.
2:00 - 25k killer hill workout.
Easy 8.5k to the hill, then 500m hill up/down 8 times. First 5 came down fast, next 3 went up fast, last one up and down fast and kept going 8.5k back. 3.5k in 16:57 @4:48, 5k in 22:56 @4:35.  Worked hard to stay under 4:40/k. (Heavier 270g shoes.)
Weather: 21C/70F !! Sunny
Weight: 60.6kg


1:30 - 30k in 2:34:51 @ 5:10
27:54/13/26:26/24:26/24:20/24:31 @ 5:36/27/17/4:53/52/54
Hard runs may be catching up with me - legs were tired and quads sore last 10k, but managed to stay under 5:00/k pace. (Heavier 270g shoes.)
Weather: 21C/70F > 14C/57F. First 30 minutes violent wind which brought huge clouds of yellow dust, possibly from China (really, this is a big problem in Japan, esp. southern japan), but mainly I think from the fallow fields out in this region. I actually went out with a surgical mask on (every household in japan has these, mainly for pollen allergy sufferers (like my wife) but also for Chinese pollution). Fortunately after 30 minutes it lessened and coming back the wind had died down considerably.
Weight: 60.4kg


  1. Every time I read something like that I am so glad to be living on the Irish Atlantic coast. It has its drawbacks, but fresh air is one of the clear benefits.

  2. Very rarely (10+ years ago) we get a dust storm from central Australia. No pollution at all here - we're lucky.
    Good week again. Nice going with the 1k reps - I have nobody to run with in those - they're out of sight after 50 metres!

  3. After reading that part about that huge clouds of yellow dust it sounds a little bit funny that today when I was running I was pissed off when I saw (and unfortunatelly smelled - it was like burned rubber) the yellow smoke that was coming out of the chimney of one of the houses in my street.