March 24, 2013

Hard Back-to-Back Days

Week of Mar 18 ~ 24
88.7km / 55 mi.

12:30 - Gym workout

11:30 - Gym workout
2:30 - 20.7k. 5.5k easy to school, 3.3k moderate pace, 3 x 1k very hilly loops non-stop in 4:39/42/42. Slower than last week, but it was very warm. Extra 1.7 looking for lost kid. 2.1 moderate pace then 5.5 back in 26:38 @4:50/k.
Felt ok, but legs a bit tired.
Weather: 23C/73F, sunny
Weight: 60.8kg

7:30pm - Club track workout.
600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1000, 800, 600
2:28, 3:12, 3:57, 4:47, 3:53, 3:12, 2:16
Warmed up 6 and 8, felt ok on middle 3 - ran the 1000s fairly hard.
Weather: cool
Weight: 61.2kg


11:30 - Gym workout. Decided to rest for 2 days, then do 2 days hard.
PM - Cherry blossom viewing picnic with the wife in nearby park which is famous for cherry trees. Blossoms are very early, although only about 50% out. They used to always be out in April - it's only March 22nd!

1:30 - 22k hill workout. 8.5WU @5:41. 5 x 500m hill up/down. 4 hard down, then hard up, hard down and continue on for 8.5k. 3.5k @4:39, then 5k @4:27. Going back was into a moderate wind, and with the heavier shoes, so 4:27 was pretty good. Wanted to tire my legs out for tomorrow.
Weather: 18C/64F, cloudy.
Weight: 61.1kg (and worked for it - no food since after yesterday's picnic)

1:00 - 35k in 2:52:31 @4:56/k
26:57, 25:43, 25:23, 24:53, 23:33, 23:15, 22:44. @5:24/07/04/4:59/42/39/33
So a progressive run, although I didn't plan that at all and after 15k really didn't think I would do it. Was planning to be happy with 4:50 kms coming back, so this was  a good run. Especially after yesterday's hill workout. Rt knee and left hamstring were slightly sore, but didn't worsen.
This is the last really hard, long effort before Boston, which is 3 weeks away.
Weather: 14C/57F, cloudy, only slight wind, thankfully
Weight: 60.5kg


  1. it all seems to be coming together bob. good weekend's back-to-back sessions. hope the taper goes smoothly

    1. good preparation, Bob! Wish you a good taper and a great Boston Marathon!

  2. Looking good Bob. 88 ks off 4 days is serious running. Nice 35k progression run there too. Are you targeting a particular time in Boston or will you suck it and see depending on the weather?

  3. Well, I'd like to say I'm targeting 3:10, but really I have no idea what I can run. I didn't run most of the fall, remember. And the weather is (almost) always a big factor at Boston. Basically, I want to finish high in my age group.

  4. I reckon your recent training points to sub-3:10. Cool day and a tail wind will help.