February 3, 2013

Same as Last Week, But Faster

Week of Jan 28 ~ Feb 3

81km / 50.3 mi.


11:30 - Gym workout
1:30 - 25k. Planned: 5ks in 29/28/27/26/25.
Ran: 28:57/27:52 (1:30 walk)/26:52/26:00 (1:30 walk)/24:53
So accomplished that with no difficulty. Bit of soreness here and there, but no problems.
Weather: 10C/50F, 20%, clear
Weight: 59.9kg

12:00 - 10k easy in 59:46 - quads sore.
7:30 8k with 5,000m time trial.
Only 2k warmup, didn't expect much, but felt good and quads were not sore!
Ran 20:41 in 4:02/12/13/11/03.
So that was a nice surprise. Don't know where that came from, except I guess I am getting into shape.
Was running mostly alone and it was cold and windy.


11:30 - Gym workout
1:30 - 16k with 4k x 3 hopefully at at goal MP of 4:22.
4:23/20/26/24 (5:00 walk)
4:23/25/25/18 (5:00 walk)
4:21/25/20/24. Average for the 3 4ks: 4:22.8
Felt ok, but not great. Still not easy to run at this pace.
Quads not sore, but hamstring a bit sore.
Weather: 10C/50F, 40%, clear
Weight: 60.3kg

Saw "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel." A very good movie - recommended!

Watched the Beppu-Oita marathon for inspiration, which Kawauchi provided in spades (check japanrunningnews.blogspot.jp - report should be up soon)
2:30 - 22k hill workout.
5k in 26:27, then 10 x 1.2k hills, hard up, easy down.
Up in 5:27/29/29/37/38 Down easy in abt. 6:50
So up the hills at about 4:35/k.
5k back in 23:28 @4:42.
Hills and 5k both considerably faster than last week.
Knee was fine, left hamstring and butt were a bit sore on the 5k.
Weather; 12C/54F, 20%, clear
Weight: 60.3kg


  1. Definite improvement. Looking much better for you Bob. Good luck going forward

  2. Saw the last few ks of Kawauchi's PB streaming (at about 5 frames per second). What a runner! Didn't he run a marathon a few weeks ago? Kawauchi-style training might become all the rage - but maybe these full-time blokes mightn't like the idea of working ;-)

  3. Yes, he ran the Egypt Marathon, winning in about 2:11. Set the Egyptian all-comers record. Then came back to Japan and the next day ran an 11.8k ekiden leg at about 31:00 pace for 10k.

    1. Wow, what a legend. Shades of Derek Clayton - he ran an 'easy' marathon in 2:19 a week or two (can't remember) before his 2:08:34.