February 25, 2013

Two Weeks — One in Cairns

Weeks of Feb. 11 ~ 24
11 ~ 17 - 64.7km / 40 mi.
18 ~ 24 - 83.4km / 52 mi.

Well, since Ewen is publicizing my blog, I guess I had better post something.


11:00 - Gym workout
2:00 - 30K w/ 2:30 walks after 10 and 20k
Plan: Out - 27:30/5k, In - 25:00/5k
Ran: 27:10/27:04/26:48/24:54/24:56/24:38
Average 5:11/k
Usual knee and hammy niggles, but not bad. Legs felt much better the last 5k than last week.
Weather: 6C/43F, clear
Weight: 59.9kg

7:30pm - Track workout.
4:31/4:10/4:02/3:11/3:09/2:20/88 (2' jog, 1' walk in between)
No warmup, so first 1000 was the warmup. After that, felt better and better.
Weather: 6C/43F?, windy
Weight: 59.7kg

Flight to Cairns (I won two roundtrip tickets on JetStar in a raffle.) (Pronounced "cans".)

6:30am - Easy 10k approx. along the Esplanade.
About 30C/86F, which is what it was every day.

7:00am - Easy 6k. Exact, as I found the 500m markers along the Esplanade.
Boat trip to Green Island.

6:30am - 10k in 55:37
4k @6:00/km, 2.5k @5:45, 2.5k @5:15, 1k @4:30.
Not bad for early am and having eaten a lot the night before. High fat, no sugar diet is going to suffer a bit. Well, won't eat a lot of carbs, but I will eat some desserts (I'm on vacation!).
Great trip around Cairns surrounding area with Mike Lacey, Steve's brother. He works for the famous Royal Flying Doctor Service.

4:00pm - 20k w/ water stops after 5k and 10k.
5ks in 27:18/25:16/24:38/22:45.
Average 5:00/km
Felt good for the first 15k and worked _really_ hard the last 5k.
Hot, but no direct sun from 5:00, so not brutally hot.

Trip on Scenic Railway up to Kuranda, back down on Skyrail cable car.

7:00am - 10k in 54:52 (28:30/26:21)
Back home from Cairns. Did NOT want to come back, wish I was still there.
By the way, the Esplanade (2.5k wide path + bike path) is now my all-time favorite place to run. Ocean on one side, small park on the other side, marked every 500m, and lots of very attractive walkers and runners (not much like the bike path I usually run on). Plus, I like warm/hot weather. I'm happy to run up and down it, even for long runs.

1:30 - 10k in 54:21 (28:00/26:21).
Felt ok the second 5k.
Weather: 7C/45F, clear but cold, damn it.
Weight: 61kg - only gained about 1kg....

11:30 - Gym workout
2:00 - 22k hill workout. Easy 5k, then 1.2k hills. Up moderate/down hard x 3, up hard, down easy, up hard, down hard, then continue on with 5k in 22:31. Pretty good workout.
The last 2k of the 5k was with a young guy at 4:20 pace, which felt easier than the previous 4:40 pace alone. Says something for having training partners.
Dinner with blogger Marty Lever, here for the Tokyo Marathon.


AM - cheering for 20 Namban Rengo members in the Tokyo Marathon, as well as Marty. Temp was 5C at the start, 7 or 8 at the finish, but very windy. However, they had the wind at their backs about half the time, including the last 15+k. Hard going into it, though.
2:30pm - 20k around the Palace, hoping to run 4:30/k pace for 15k. That's a 3:10 marathon, but is a much harder run than I have been doing.
Ran: 26:45 (2:00 walk) 22:29/22:36/22:23. So that was good. Alone and in a strong wind, too.
5:00pm on - Club post-marathon party!

Tokyo leaders at 5K.

The Cairns Esplanade

Shaved my head before I went to Cairns. This is my new Bruce Willis image.


  1. Thanks for your hospitality in Tokyo, Bob, was great to meet-up with you and Namban Rengo people. They are a great group. Hope to see you in BKK or Tokyo. If you get a copy of the 4 baldies photo, please send it over. good luck with your training

  2. Glad to see training going well. Roll on Boston !!!

  3. With that look you can take over from Bruce in Die Hard 6.0. Yes, "Cans" sounds about right - I'll give you honourary Queenslander status with that accent. The Esplanade looks nice - attractive runners and scenery always makes the pain easier to take.

  4. Nice boardies!
    I love Cans for the most extreme humidity and I ran that Esplanade run every day for a month in 2010.

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