January 27, 2013

Feeling Pretty Good

Week of Jan 21 ~ 27

84.6km / 52.5 mi.
Started my program of 2 on - 1 off - 1 on - 1 off - 1 on - 1 off.
In other words, 4 runs a week, 3 days off. All runs are hard efforts. It seems good, both for giving the knee sufficient rest, and having fresh legs for hard workouts.


11:30 - Gym workout, inc. 10' on elliptical.
1:30 - 25k - 5k x 5 w/ 100m walk breaks.
5k Pace: 5:48/36/18/17/19
Felt ok, good the first 15k, legs tired the last 5k.
Temp: 8C/46F, clear
Weight: 59.6kg! Legacy of the norovirus.

1:30 - 10k very easy (28:24/28:59)
7:30 - 9.6k on the track. 1000 x 3, 800 x 2, 600, 400
4:35/19/14/3:23/22/2:36/1:40 (200m walks in between)
Knees felt fine when running "fast.". Quads were very sore, but that's good, I need to work on strengthening my quads.
Temp: 6C/43F
Weight: 59.6kg


1:00 - Gym workout
2:30 - 18k (4k WU, 4k x 3 at MP 4:22, if possible)
5k @ 5:42, then 4k x 3 in 4:28/30/28/21, 4:19/24/29/22, 4:22/26/29/31
Had to work hard, but did ok. Knee was ok, hamstring was 95% ok.
Couldn't keep the pace down around 4:20, but not bad.
Temp: 10C/50F, clear
Weight: 59.9kg


2:30 - 22k with 1.2k hills x 10 (hard up, easy down)
5k: 26:34 1.2k uphills: 6:02/5:46/47/52/53 (so bit under 5:00/km)
Down easy in about 7:15.
5k back in 24:45 - 5min pace and picked up last 2k.
Good workout! Best I have felt since I started running again.
Felt good at 5:00 pace the last 5k, which was good after the hills.
Quads not sore. Encouraging!
Temp: 6C/43F
Weight: 59.8kg

So I will try to keep doing weeks basically like this for the next 10 weeks.
Should get me into shape...I think.


  1. A good solid week Bob. 10 weeks should give you a very solid base.

  2. That's a great week Bob. Promising thus far with the 4 running days a week in terms of recovery and doing the hard days well. Maybe Scott Brown would do well with something like this - esp considering his dodgy injury history.

  3. Interesting. May try something like this myself....considering MY dodgy injury history.
    Good luck.

  4. Actually have been doing something like this on and off the last couple of years! Keeping my fingers crossed you can get through the next 10 weeks and hit the line in Boston lean and fit!